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JSD Catches Up with Philly Chase

by Desha Winborne

Philly Chase isn’t your typical new rapper  his focus isn’t simply selling records its establishing a brand identity all his own.  In the cookie cutter music industry he stands apart from his most immediate competition by offering an uncompromising approach to music.  Defiant and unwilling to adhere to industry set forth standards of commercial appeal the rapper turned CEO is carving out his own niche in the urban music landscape.  We were fortunate enough to snag a few moments of his very valuable time:

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Tramar Dillard AKA Flo Rida has the unique distinction of being one of the very few artists to have a triple-platinum debut single. “Low” from Flo’s first album “Mail on Sunday” took off like a rocket spawning 2 remixes as well as the record for longest running number  1 single of 2008.  An international sensation it comes as no surprise to find various adaptations of the catchy tune performed by amateurs on YouTube.  Surprisingly enough most covers are performed with an acoustic guitar giving the hit a “Country Western” twang.

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A Coversation with Shawn Chrystopher

by Dana Bingham


When I first heard Catch Me If You Can by Shawn Chrystopher, I was so impressed, that I had to crank it up for my neighbors to have the same experience. So who is Shawn Chrystopher?

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