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The New York International Auto Show

by Desha Winborne

The NYC International Auto Show descends on New York City this week. Car enthusiasts from all over converge at the Javits Center for a week-long celebration of the automobile. From classic to futuristic the event covers a wide range of styles and price points. The show puts the trends of tomorrow on full display, with every major manufacturer in the U.S. is presenting their latest innovations, concept cars, race cars and even a few autonomous cars. The NY International Auto Show began over 100 years ago. Back then the car was a fascinating machine ahead of its time. The thought that man could travel in a horseless carriage was unheard of. For a long time innovations made the basic car more comfortable. Innovations like power doors and air conditioning are now standard. Each year auto manufacturers explore new concepts and trends to satisfy our growing desire for technological advancement. One of the latest and most intriguing trends is the self-driving car. Autonomous vehicles are set to hit the market and fulfill all of our multitasking needs. The cars aren’t only on display but in testing on our city streets throughout the country.

The event began Wednesday, March 28th with the World Car Awards, an annual event that celebrates the best in automobiles. This year’s winners included:

  • 2018 World Car of the Year
    Volvo XC60
  • 2018 World Luxury Car
    Audi A8
  • 2018 World Performance Car
    BMW M5
  • 2018 World Car Design of the Year
    Range Rover Velar
  • 2018 World Green Car
    Nissan LEAF
  • 2018 World Urban Car
    Volkswagen Polo

You can see all of the winners at the New York Auto Show from March 30th until April 8th. In addition to the prize winners manufacturers from all over the globe are presenting the best of their catalogs as well as a few concept vehicles engineered to show the future of automobiles today. One of the most sought after innovations is the self driving car and there are a few on display at the show. One of the leaders in the innovation is Ford Motors. Dominoes has partnered with Ford to test an autonomous food delivery service. The trial run will allow manufacturers to test how consumers interact with an autonomous vehicle. If all goes well this could open the door for other types of deliveries and other more practical applications.

Toyota has also entered the race for autonomous vehicles with their futuristic concept car. Their innovative vehicle is not only autonomous it is also a mobile office with touch screen windows and swivel style seating. All of the seats swivel including the driver’s.

Not all innovations are about technical advancements. Modern style is also on display as new colors and sleeker bodies are presented by all. One of our favorite new looks is Karma’s Revero. The body is sleek and modern but it is the unique shade of brown that has us drooling. The brown is rich and iridescent. The paint catches the lights and it glitters beautifully.

Orange in shades from neon to rust is being embraced by manufacturers and offered in a wide array of styles. This sexy Chevrolet Corvette is gorgeous and packs some serious horsepower.

The show also offers a glimpse of nostalgia with some of our favorite old school toys. If you ever owned or played with a hot wheel track make sure you visit the Hot Wheels Corvette, a life-size model complete with the blue race track.

One of the most fun aspects of the Auto Show is the interactive elements. This year guests can experience a VR thrill ride courtesy of Chevrolet. The ride is a 4D road experience complete with VR head-gear and moving seats.

Some innovations are more practical than technological, like this dog-friendly car for parents of fur babies. The vehicle comes equipped with ramp separator and other pet-friendly amenities.

If you need a moment of relaxation after the excitement of the show drop by the oxygen bar for a hit of fresh air with a hint of herb and fruity aroma.

The New York International Auto Show is held at the Jacob Javitz convention center from March 30th through April 8th. For more info visit Autoshowny.com

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Must See: Mercedes-Benz Golf Car

by xoJohn

As a “real sports car”, the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car transfers the unmistakable Mercedes-Benz automobile design to a premium-class golf cart. The show car is the result of a partnership between Mercedes-Benz designers, Daimler’s Think & Act Tank Business Innovation and the well-known golf cart manufacturer Garia.

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Pedaling My Way Through NYC with Columbia Bikes

by xoJohn

New York City is a busy yet awe-inspiring city with many great places to explore. Sometimes I find myself quite annoyed by the crowded and loud subways, that’s why I was ecstatic when my very first bike arrived at my humble abode. This particular bike wasn’t just your ordinary piece of machinery, it was a Columbia Bike. Columbia Bikes has been a top-of-mind bicycle manufacturer since 1877. With rollouts of finely made bikes like the various Roadsters, Tourist styles, Sports bikes, Juveniles, other lightweights and various bicycles; the Columbia brand has been an enduring symbol of bicycle road freedom for generations. Columbia Bikes is proud to put bikes and their riders and enthusiasts on the road, having ushered this incredible piece of technology into the scene in American. An iconic symbol during the 50’s could certainly be said to be the image of a child riding one of the bikes produced by this brand. This included boys with newspaper routes and non-working children that liked bikes such as the Columbia “Playbike” or miniature versions of bikes ridden by their parents. Many nostalgic bicycle and rider images persist to this day because of Columbia. American made, Columbia bikes got into the bike-production business back when the bike was unfamiliar to Americans.

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Last night Infiniti of Beverly Hills which “is the premier automobile dealership of Beverly Hills and the surrounding area…that prides itself on delivering the highest level of customer service before, during, and after a purchase” hosted a launch party that acted as the grand opening for its new dealership.

As I arrived I noticed there was a spin on what we all know as the traditional red carpet experience. Infiniti switched it up and went with a purple carpet. It was a great choice on their part; it was both hip and chic. Katherine McPhee of Scorpion, Dylan McDermott of Stalker, and Michelle Monaghan of True Detective were among those to walk the purple carpet. Julian Gold, the Vice Mayor of Beverly Hills, Michael Bartsch, the Vice President of Infiniti USA, and Seth Waskow, the General Manager of Infiniti of Beverly Hills were also on hand.


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There’s nothing better than a road trip for the last weekend of summer. A few friends some roadside snacks and you could travel for hours and never miss a thing. This summer we spent part of the last weekend in the fabulous Mohegan Sun resort in Uncasville, CT. At a mere 2 hours from NYC it is a convenient getaway and one of the tri-state areas most alluring attractions. We started our trip in Manhattan NY and were barely on the road 20 minutes when we found ourselves stuck in traffic. This would have been catastrophic had we not chosen to rent the Lincoln MKZ. The Lincoln climate control and Sirius satellite radio sound speakers kept us cool and entertained. The traffic jam became less and less of an annoyance as we made our way to Uncasville.

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2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: Luxury On Wheels

by xoJohn

The all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is simply luxury on wheels. Equipped with amazing features and a eye-catching designs, I just had to jump at the opportunity to take this heavy piece of machinery out for a spin. My first impression of the exterior design was pleasant. I found it to also be modern with a little edge, making it perfect for any young consumer who is on the hunt for their first Hybrid experience and wants to add a touch of style to it. The inside complimented the outside quite well with a stunning dashboard, real wood accents, and sleek interface. My inner kid immediately wanted to touch every button just to see what it could do. I also enjoyed how spacious it is, I never felt restricted one bit.

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Chevrolet Spark: Savvy and Innovative

by xoJohn

Picture 14

We couldn’t wait to tell you all about our experience with the Chevrolet Spark.

First Impression: Sleek design, small but stands out amongst others, and great vibrant color. We had the pleasure of driving the Jalapeño colored Spark (also available in Denim, Lemonade and much more).

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