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Film Review: Violent Night

by xoJohn

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Writer: Pat Casey

Cast: David Harbour, Beverly D’Angelo, John Leguizamo, Alex Hassell, and Leah Brady.

It’s a cold cynical world, filled with chaos, greed, and selfishness. Even jolly old Saint Nick is having a hard time mustering up the Christmas spirit. With a heavy heart, he decides to make this Christmas his last. During his run, he comes across an expansive estate and as he’s enjoying the snack set out for him a full-scale home invasion ensues and at the center is one of the few nice kids left. With a sprinkle of Christmas magic and a ton of Whoop-Ass, Santa sets off to save one little girl and maybe even Christmas itself.

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For as long as there has been fire, man has found fear in the absence of light.  Darkness often brings with it an unsettling realization that what is unknown is a far greater threat than what we can see.  Vanishing on 7th Street is an apocalyptic vision of director Brad Anderson.  The film begins with a black out, an entire city plunged into darkness. 

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