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Film Review: Halloween Ends

by xoJohn

Director: David Gordon Green

Writer: John Carpenter, Debra Hill, Paul Brad Logan, and Others

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichuk, Will Patton, and Rohan Campbell

2018 marked the 40th year since Haddonfield, Illinois was introduced to its very own Boogeyman. It was also the year that said boogeyman, escaped from prison and went on a murderous spree resulting in his disappearance. Four years may have passed but Laurie Strode has been battling this demon most of her life, she knows it’s just a matter of time before evil rises again. This time will be different though, this time will be Laurie’s last battle. This time she will conquer Michael Myers or die trying.

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Photos: Knockturnalween 2021

by xoJohn

Last week, we headed over to AMC Theaters in Times Square in NYC for a special advanced screening of the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film. In the new installation of the Ghostbusters series, a single mother and her two children move to a new town, they soon discover that they have a connection to the original Ghostbusters and their grandfather’s secret legacy. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is directed by Jason Reitman. With Finn Wolfhard, Paul Rudd, Mckenna Grace, and Carrie Coon, to name a few. Check it out in theaters on November 19, 2021.

The special advanced screening was powered by the Ghostbusters franchise and Sony Pictures for the 1st Annual KnockturnalWEEN. After the screenings, attendees, dressed in their best Halloween attire headed over to the posh Citizens New York to celebrate the special with cocktails sponsored by Tito’s Vodka and Courvoisier. It indeed was a special evening. Thanks to our friends at the knockturnal for a spooky and fun evening. Check out these photos by @kpshotit.

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Movie Review: Halloween Kills

by Desha Winborne

Director: David Gordon Green

Writer: John Carpenter, Debra Hill, and Scott Teems

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Will Patton, and James Jude Courtney

It’s Halloween night and legendary serial killer Michael Myers is on the loose, again. Escaping death once more Myers sets out on a terrifying rampage, murdering all who are misfortunate enough to cross his path. Fear grips the small town but this year will be different. The good people of Haddonfield have had enough, this year the people will unite and fight for their town. Evil dies on Halloween night.

For forty years the legend of Michael Myers has haunted the small town of Haddonfield, Ill. 2018 is the year his reign finally ends. Halloween Kills is the 2nd film of the latest and presumably final, Michael Myers trilogy. It is the follow-up to 2018’s Halloween, in which the serial killer escapes from prison and has a final showdown with the woman he’s been stalking for 40 years, his sister Laurie. The 2018 movie ends with Mike locked in a basement as Laurie’s home is engulfed in flames. She had planned for years how she would end him only to overlook one major detail: the efficiency of the Haddonfield fire department. Halloween Kills begins exactly where we left off, with Myers still in the basement and Laurie escaping with her family. As the women head to the hospital to address their wounds they also witness the arrival of the fire trucks. The poor firemen save Myers and thus his bloodiest rampage yet continue with their corpses.

Halloween Kills depicts some of the most horrific death scenes we have ever seen in this franchise and is as much about Myers as it is about the town. This year the townsfolk band together to try and stop the menace once and for all. Since this is movie two of three you can take a stab at how it ends. With one more film to go this installment allows us to witness the aftermath of Myers assaults, we see a town in turmoil with fearful residents looking for justice. Ordinarily good people are driven to the breaking point as the quaint community evolves into an angry chaotic mob. In one of the most surprising scenes, the mob storms the hospital seeking vengeance. For the first time, we see families identifying their slaughtered loved ones and the poisonous effects of true evil. Though rightfully enraged their actions bear an uncanny resemblance to the Capitol Stormers as they stampede through a hospital in a panic searching for someone they’ve never even seen before. Though the film culminates in a satisfying showdown as per usual, the jubilation is short-lived once realization kicks in: it’s a trilogy, there’s one more chapter to go.


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Celebrate National Pumpkin Day With These Cocktails

by xoJohn

Temperatures are growing chilly and the season of pumpkin patches and spooky thrills is upon us. Now that it is sweater weather season, Captain Morgan has you covered with yummy fall drink cocktails.  Captain Morgan’s Jack- O’ Blast is a must-have mix of cinnamon and pumpkin flavors to enjoy on National Pumpkin Day, which is

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Film Review: Halloween (2018)

by xoJohn

Director: David Gordon Green

Writer: David Gordon Green

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, and Will Patton

Laurie Strode has been to hell and back more times than she can count. Lingering in the back of her mind is the ever-present threat of her big brother and personal boogie man Michael Myers. After years of fearing Myers escaping and evading capture Laurie has been preparing for a final showdown. After 40 long years, Laurie finally comes face to face with the evil that has tormented her. This time she’s not only prepared to fight, but she is also ready to end it and finally, close this chapter for good.

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8 Halloween Events You Can’t Miss in NYC

by xoJohn

Halloween is right around the corner, there is no better place to celebrate than in New York City. With celebs like G-Eazy, others at NY’s hottest venues including the new Playboy Club New York, Mr. Purple and more, there is a freakish festivity for everyone. Here are 8 Halloween Events You Can’t Miss:

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8 Spooky Halloween Events Happening in NYC

by xoJohn


  • The Devil’s Birthday Bash at The Roof – 10/27, starts at 9pm

Come celebrate all of your sins at The Roof on Friday, October 27th at 9pm. Themed costumes are strongly encouraged and Chazz Rockwell will be spinning all night. Tickets are not being sold, but table reservations are strongly encouraged, especially for groups of 6 or more.


  • Zombie Prom at Mr. Purple – 10/27, starts at 10pm

Mr. Purple is hosting a Zombie Prom themed Halloween party on Friday, October 27th at 10pm. Your deadliest formal attire is strongly encouraged and DJ Danga will be spinning all night. Can you think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than with 360-degree breathtaking views of the city? Didn’t think so…so join us for Mr. Purple’s Zombie Prom – it’ll be a night to dismember!


Street Taco is going all out for Day of the Dead, offering food and beverage specials throughout the week, plus one big night full of deadly fun over the weekend.
Saturday, Oct. 28th:

  • Street Taco will be decked out in Day of the Dead decorations
  • DJ MK spinning all night
  • Costumes highly encouraged!

Oct. 28th-Nov. 2nd:

  • Pig Head Carnitas Taco offered for $5 special (pig head carnitas, chicharrones, avocado crema, onion, serrano salsa, cilantro)
  • Drink specials of Blood Orange Margarita ($8) and Witches Brew Sangria ($6) both offered

LIMITED TIME – Oct. 31st-Nov. 2nd: Dia de los Puercos

  • Large Format DIY Pig’s Head Dinner Fiesta – Roasted succulent Half Pig’s Head served with Corn Pops, Salsa, Accoutrements, and Churros! $150 total (not including tax and gratuity) Beverages not included. Feast serves 4-5 people
  • Secured reservations required with 72 hours notice and credit card available at 7pm and 9pm ONLY with 2 seatings per time slot, per night!
  • Inquiries, Questions, and Reservation requests email: info@streettacony.com


  • “The Deuce” Halloween Edition at Rosewood Theater – 10/28, starts at 10pm 

Rosewood Theater is throwing “The Deuce” Halloween Edition: The Ultimate Pimps and Harlots Party on Saturday, October 28th beginning at 10pm. Bask in eerie thrills and party like there’s no tomorrow while the DJ spins top hits and mashups. And for the party fiends with even more sinful tastes, VIP tables and bottle packages will be offered and a free drink goes to everyone dressed in theme. Tickets can be purchased here.

Bodega Negra’s favorite Monday night Mexican dinner party will take on a spooky twist Monday, 10/30. The boozy weekly suppers, held at Bodega Negra in the Dream Downtown hotel, are spiked with variety acts like fire-breathers, burlesque performers in Dia de los Muertos makeup and a tabletop dancer who prances to the Champ’s “Tequila.” They are hosting a costume contest for the night where the top three costumes will win some loco prizes. PLUS, special Halloween offerings – Don Huevo Orange dessert ($16), with all the flavors of an ice cream sundae, Bodega Negra’s Don Huevo has a delectable dome-shaped dessert hiding inside its white chocolate dome. After the server pours hot modelo caramel sauce on top, the dome melts open like a flower to reveal a dark chocolate molten cake topped with a scoop of horchata ice cream. Also their Loco Halloween cocktail with activated charcoal with an orange salt rim and dehydrated pumpkin garnish.

  • Halloween Party at The VNYL – 10/31, starts at 8pm

Spells & Curses (a band!) performing in the main room. Special $10 cocktail called Black Sclera (including Activated charcoal, beet juice, and more!)


Rosewood Theater is paying tribute to legend Hugh Hefner Tuesday, October 31st beginning at 9pm with their RIP Hef Tribute Party. Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Playmate of the Year Colleen Shannon will DJ the night alongside playmates Kyla Collins, Aimee Rose and Konstantina Gianni. VIP tables and bottle services will be available through reservations.


  • New York’s Village Halloween Parade – 10/31, starts at 7pm

Every year, 50,000 folks parade up Sixth Avenue—decked out in some of the City’s scariest, most inventive and most hilarious costumes—while numerous live bands complement the ghoulish revelry. Show up with a creative costume of your own and join the parade (but note that a costume is a must to march!), or stick to your civvies and take in the spectacle from the sidelines. Marchers line up on Sixth Avenue between Canal and Spring Streets. The parade gets rolling at 7pm and heads north up Sixth Avenue to 16th Street. For more information, check out their website.

Happy Halloween!

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