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CMJ 2011: A Conversation with Nikki Jean

by Dana Bingham


Flipping through the CMJ guide, it’s often hard to decide who to see perform. Sometimes you have to rely on recommendations from fellow CMJ attendees and sometimes you just have to go on a gut feeling that the show is going to be awesome. There are also times when a name jumps out at you that you can’t resist! For me, that name was Nikki Jean.

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Days away from the highly anticipated release of Lupe Fiasco‘s highly anticipated album,  L.A.S.E.R.S, concert dates are popping up and holding a ticket to any date is like holding Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. I was one of the lucky to hold a ticket to the last of his four ssold-outshows at the world famous Blue Note Jazz Club where he was a guest of the Robert Glasper Experiment on Saturday, February 24th.

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The L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto

To Every Man, Woman & Child…
1. We Want An End To The Glamorization Of Negativity In The Media.
2. We Want An End To Status Symbols Dictating Our Worth As Individuals.
3. We Want A Meaningful And Universal Education System.
4. We Want Substance In The Place Of Popularity.
5. We Will Not Compromise Who We Are To Be Accepted By The Crowd
6. We Want The Invisible Walls That Separate By Wealth, Race & Class To Be Torn Down.
7. We Want To Think Our Own Thoughts.
8. We Will Be Responsible For Our Environment.
9. We Want Clarity & Truth From Our Elected Officials Or They Should Move Aside.
10. We Want Love Not Lies.
11. We Want An End To All Wars. Foreign & Domestic (Violence).
12. We Want An End To The Processed Culture Of Exploitation, Over-Consumption & Waste.
13. We Want Knowledge, Understanding & Peace.

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Lupe Fiasco & N*E*R*D at St. John’s University

by xoJohn

Lupe Fiasco & N*E*R*D

Date: April 24th, 10p

Venue: St. Johns University, Queens, NY

Ticket Price: $20

Rating: Loved It!

All you have to say is Lupe Fiasco! I’m there. I have seen him perform several times since his debut album Food & Liquor officially released in the Fall of 2006. I remember hearing his cameo on Kanye West’s Touch the Sky single (Late Registration) and wondered “Who is this kid?” Lucky for me, my Chicago friends hooked me up with Lupe’s mixtapes. Once I heard Switch (Science Project), I became an instant fan.

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