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Diane Birch

Hallelujah, you’re a sinner, you’re a saint
You built me up to break, turned my lovin’ into hate
But honey when you left me in the darkness I saw the light
I picked the sorry’s up
I put the worries down
You’re love, no it just ain’t worth cursin’
You’re heart, you’re heart just ain’t worth hurtin’
~Diane Birch (Forgiveness)

When you read these lyrics, what comes to mind? Is it a past relationship? Is it a personal struggle with yourself? On the morning of June 1st, those where the questions I asked myself when I posted these lyrics on my Facebook status. Not only did these lyrics inspire me, more importantly, but the lyrics were also a clever way of reflecting my anticipation of seeing an amazing musician later that evening. It had been almost a year since the release of Bible Belt and nearly nine months since I first sat down to interview Diane Birch at the Hudson Hotel. I was anxious to not only see her perform again but also to sit down and catch up with what was new in her world.

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Revealed | Diane Birch

by Dana Bingham

PA010456.jpg Giant Step presents Svedka Session: Diane Birch @ The Hudson picture by jsdaily 

Giant Step presents Svedka Session @ The Hudson

When was the last time you heard a song or saw a music video that made you stop whatever you were doing and fully emerge yourself in it’s lyrics, the artist’s voice, and the emotion of the song? About a month ago I was getting my morning Jump Start from VH1. I really wasn’t paying any mind to Lady Gaga or Daughtry, whom I’m so a custom to getting my jump start from. I was sitting at my computer updating my Facebook status and “liking” links

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