LG Debuts The G2

The competitive world of cell phones just got a little more competitive.  For months the internet has been buzzing with excitement for LG’s latest smartphone.  This Wednesday the wait came to a grinding halt as fans were finally introduced to the G2.  The G2 was unveiled at a soiree in the Frederick Rose Hall, The Home of Jazz NYC.  The event offered media and fans the chance to interact with the device as well as hear some of its main features.


The phone is being billed as the smart phone “That learns from you”, Most of its innovations came from years of studying how people use and interact with their cellphones.  One of the major changes with the phone is the rear button.  Instead traditional side buttons the phones on-off and volume control are at the rear of the device.  The rear button also controls the camera for easier self portraits.  Though the button placement may seem like a small thing it is a major accomplishment in design as it improves functionality and makes the screen appear larger.  By eliminating the side buttons the display goes from left to right seamlessly.

Another huge selling point for this phone is its 13 megapixel camera.  The HD camera and camera modes allows the user to take better quality photos without the added weight or expense of a traditional point and click camera.  Some of the camera modes include :

  • Shot and clear- This mode allows you to delete unwanted people and things from the back ground.
  • Dual camera This allows users to take pictures with the front and rear cameras simultaneously.
  • Dynamic tone This mode makes colors brighter and fuller.
  • VR panorama Allows you to take 360 degree panoramic photos.

In addition to the amazing camera the smartphone also features a premium sound system that utilizes some professional quality acoustics to achieve maximum sound clarity.  Music movies and games will sound richer and crystal clear.  Though the device has been officially unveiled the official launch date for actual device is still a closely guarded secret.  The G2 is expected to debut in the nest few weeks with availability across the four major US cell carriers.  Stay tuned for the latest info on the G2 and a full review.