BlackBerry Z10 Launches in West Hollywood

Last night, BlackBerry hosted an exclusive event to celebrate the launch of their highly anticipated Z10 Smartphone at Cecconi’s West Hollywood.  Longtime BlackBerry fans Josh Duhamel, Rachel Bilson, Christina Ricci and Chloë Moretz dazzled on the red carpet as they gushed about their excitement for BlackBerry’s newest device. Other supporters included funny-men Tim Allen and Craig Robinson along with Robert Buckley, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Canadian duo Tegan and Sara.

BlackBerry Celebrates The Launch Of BlackBerry Z10 SmartphoneBlackBerry Celebrates The Launch Of BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

Upon arrival each guest received a new BlackBerry Z10 and was immediately immersed into the new world of BlackBerry. It was a feast for the senses as celebs and guests alike navigated through multiple experiential environments. Chloë Moretz, star of the upcoming sequel to the superhero action comedy, Kick-Ass, snapped photos of friends and played with the Z10’s new TimeShift feature, while “Eastbound & Down” cohorts Craig Robinson and Elizabeth De Razzo blasted each other on the BBM moving projection wall. Nearby, Josh Duhamel reunited with his Transformers 2 costar, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Christina Ricci and Rachel Bilson received private Z10 demonstrations from BlackBerry’s CMO, Frank Boulben.

Tegan and Sara wowed the crowd with a surprise performance, commanding the attention of the 400 plus guests with acoustic versions of their hits songs and a sneak peek of their new album.