#NYFW: Epson Brings Printing into the World of Fashion

“Epson Printing Company” and “New York Fashion Week” a combination would not expect, but their event this past Tuesday proved them to be a perfect combination. Epson’s Digital Couture Fashion Presentation featured designers from North and South America using a new innovation in printing to take fashion to the next level.

With the ease of being able to print fabric, the designs featured a multitude of patterns that allowed each line to be completely different than the last. With a mix of colors and patterns, each designer was able to create a work of art that was displayed museum style, allowing the crowd to take their time on each platform. Here are a few that stood out to me.

Who says we can’t sleep in style? This sleepwear line was designed by Brazilian designer Michele Gevaerd. It may just be time for me to ditch the oversized t-shirts and try on something a bit more elegant.

Candice Cuoco

Here is the line that stole the entire show, designed by Project Runway’s season fourteen finalist Candice Cuoco. The models stood on the platform with the energy that only comes from wearing clothes this powerful. From the large brim hats, and the leather bustier, and the mixed print pants, these three looked like they were Candice Cuco’s girl army leading her into a battle to take over the fashion industry.

My personal favorite line of the presentation was this line designed by Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser. The prints were so colorful and fun that I was drawn to them automatically. The outfits give off a sort of extraterrestrial vibe that was really brought through with the addition of the shades.

Ana Guiulfo

Going into the office just got a lot more fun with these designers use of patterns to create pantsuits. The colorful pantsuit was designed by Anna Maria Guiulfo from Peru and pantsuit with the embellished beaded top was designed by American designer Fernando Alberto. These suits have me excited for what more can come from these printers. A two-piece with a fun print? I’ll take one in every color, please!

The designs from ThreeASFOUR provided an excellent example of what Epson’s printer can do with their use of space like patterns. The outfits had me flashing back to scenes of Disney Channel’s Zenon movies, once again wishing I could live in space simply for the wardrobe.

Other designers featured in the show were Lina Cantillo from Colombia, Thomas and Jefferson University from the US, Karyn Coo from Chile, Stephanie Ruiz from Ecuador, Eduardo Figueroa from Guatemala, Emilio Mata from Mexico, and Isle Jara from Paraguay. Here’s a look at the other designs from the presentation.

-Chelsea Young

Photos: BFA