Review: Allora Ristorante

Location: 145 East 47th Street, New York, NY

Cuisine: Italian

Best Dish: Tagliatelle was incredible. The Miller’s Pasta was amazing but the Steak Diane was the clear favorite. It was dramatically presented with a flourish of bright flames and a deliciously decadent cut of beef.

Cost: $$$

Overall: A sophisticated eatery that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Prepare to be served properly and well fed. Allora Ristorante is an ideal location for your next milestone celebration or date night with someone special.

Elio Albanese is one of New York’s most charismatic restauranteurs. Known for his catchphrases and larger than life personality, He brings his love of hospitality to each of his successful eateries. His thoughtfulness and genuinely welcoming presence are second only to his commitment to quality Italian Cuisine. Allora Ristorante in Midtown is one of his newer endeavors, at just under two years old. In its short existence, the restaurant has gained a loyal following thanks in part to its glowing reviews from happy customers. Upon entering expect to be greeted warmly by the friendly staff. If you’re lucky you will encounter Elio himself as we did. Beaming proudly he made sure we were comfortable before leaving us in the capable hands of our server.

The Feast

Cozze In Brodetto (Mussels in Wine)

Fresh mussels were prepared in a light olive oil white wine sauce with flavorful herbs and garlic. The mussels were superb, you could almost taste the ocean in each bite.

Tagliatelle Verdi Giardinara

Tagiatelle is an egg pasta similar to fettuccine. This fresh pasta was served with tasty little shrimp, basil, and baby artichokes.

Ravioli of the Day (Squid Ink Ravioli)

Our obsession with squid ink has reached a new height with Allora’s mesmerizing ravioli. The ink imparted a beautiful black sheen to the tender seafood filled ravioli.

Miller’s Wife Pasta

This is one of Elio’s most infamous dishes. It is not listed on the menu but was readily available on our visit. The dish is a simple pasta dish of meat sauce and beefy meatballs but with one significant twist. The pasta is one single 30ft noodle that must be cut to be consumed. The staff is well trained in tableside preparations and will graciously wait while you snap a few photos. Just don’t take too long pasta was meant to be enjoyed hot. This was an incredible dish and one you will crave long after the last bite.

Bistecca Di Manzo A La Diane (Steak Diane)

Allora rejuvenates a classic American dish with their rendition of Steak Diane. The dish had fallen out of vogue decades ago but what was once old is new again. The dish is prepared tableside from start to finish. Prepare to witness the spectacle of dancing flames as they transform a cut of beef into a tender masterpiece covered in a velvety mushroom sauce.

Red Velvet Cake

One of the best desserts we’ve had in some time. This Red Velvet Cake is moist and scrumptious. The frosting is not too sweet and perfectly balanced with the richness of the cake.

Elio’s passion for good food is evident on his menu. Each of the dishes we sampled was well prepared and presented beautifully. Dining at Allora Ristorante is also an introduction to tableside service, a lost art that is experiencing a resurgence of sorts. Watching a skilled professional prepare your meal is a memorable experience you won’t soon forget. The theatrics of the flame and expert knife skills provide an element of showmanship and fun to a gourmet meal. When asked if Allora is one of the best Italian restaurants in the city we will quote Elio, “You better believe it!”