Felicia Madison’s Laughing Affairs Presented Laughercise at West Side Comedy Club

Laughing Affairs, founded by comedian Felicia Madison, presented Laughercise, an innovative lunchtime comedy show, at the West Side Comedy Club located at Playa Betty’s restaurant in New York City. The Laughercise series avoids the traditional late night environs of comedy clubs, instead of treating guests to a one-course meal, dessert, and glass of wine in the afternoon as both up-and-coming and veteran comedians take to the stage. Laughercise’s times and locations are perfect for comedy fans seeking laughs outside of the traditional late night, male-dominated clubs.

At West Side Comedy Club, the lineup included Felicia Madison and fellow comedians Liz Miele and Carmen Lynch. Guests enjoyed lunch as the talent took to the stage. Felicia shared her hilarious take on marriage, motherhood, and life in Manhattan. “My husband wouldn’t divorce me,” she quipped. “He couldn’t bear to part with… half of his money.” Liz offered anecdotes on dating as a comedian (“His eyes are broke, my face is broke… is this what soulmates are?” she joked about dating a color-blind suitor while dealing with an acne flare-up) and Carmen’s routine touched on everything from dating an older man to goat yoga.

Attendees spotted at the funny event included Felicia Madison, Carmen Lynch, Liz Miele, Belinda Boxer, Laurie Gelman, Deana Hanson, Tara Lipton, Kory Apton, Carol Lister, Mara Landis, Nina Ashe and Gina Savage.

Head over to http://feliciamadison.com/laughingaffairs/ for more information.