12 Food Items Every Foodie Will Love

Summer has ended and winter is approaching. Beach season is over but the excitement of binge-watching is about to begin. Whether you’re catching up on all you missed this summer or getting into something new, chances are you’ll spend some time streaming entertainment to beat the cold weather blues. While you’re watching you may also be snacking. With snacking comes great responsibility we often just shovel sweet and savory things into our face without thinking. This and the hours of lounging in front of a screen can be disastrous to the body. Lucky for you we spent a few weeks compiling a list of health-conscious food items and how you can make a dish a little bit healthier. We sampled and resampled several old and new products and came up with some satisfying options for your taste buds.

G.H. Cretors Flavored Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the easiest snacks to enjoy.  Copious amounts of butter and salt often add unnecessary calories. With this flavored popcorn, you can enjoy a sweet or savory snack that isn’t greasy or high in sodium. We recommend the Virgin Olive Oil flavor for a light treat, or the sweet and salty Caramel and Cheddar Cheese mix.

Polar Seltzerade

You’ll need a nice beverage to wash down your snacks. Skip the soda and opt for something better. The large amounts of sugar added to the average soda makes it a damaging indulgence to say the least. You can cure your soda fix by switching to flavored seltzer. Seltzerade is a combination of lemonade and seltzer that is sugar and sweetener free so you may enjoy the effervescence of pop without the guilt.


Giants Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a low-calorie heart-healthy snack that may lower cholesterol. Giants have an array of flavors to choose from we love the bacon ranch. It has the smokiness of bacon with the zesty flavors of ranch, a winning combination.



Snacking will eventually lose its zeal and you may want something more filling. Ditch the takeout and make a quick dinner with Tofurky. Since its ready to eat right out the box you can have a quick meal and jump right back into your shows. Also, studies have shown that having a few meatless meals a week can limit the risk of heart disease and improve overall health.


Quinoa Meals from Cucina & Amore

Forget just snacking and have yourself a meal in minutes. Quinoa Meal combines fresh veggies with Quinoa for a satisfying healthy meal. Have Quinoa Meal alone or eat it with a little bit of protein for a heartier dish. We suggest pairing the Spicy Jalapeno and Peppers flavor with a handful of grilled shrimp. The combination is superb and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes.


Betsy’s Best

Peanut butter gets a gourmet makeover with Betsy’s Best Butters. Her butter is made with a variety of different nuts or seeds and contains spices like cinnamon and cardamom. Best of all her products are all natural and have less sugar than most brands. Use Betsy’s Butters in place of peanut butter in some of your favorite snacks to add a boost of unique gourmet flavor.


Rule Breaker Snacks

Gluten-free and Vegan don’t have to mean tasteless. Rule Breaker snacks provide a gluten-free vegan alternative to fatty sugary brownies and blondies. Each of their bars is made of plant-based ingredients and packed with protein and fiber.


Suckerpunch Gourmet Pickles and Bloody Mary Mix

Suckerpunch offers two varieties of spicy pickles as well as a zesty Bloody Mary Mix. If you love pickles we recommend the spicy garlic originals. The first bite is flavorful and with each chew, the heat intensifies into a slow sweet burn. All Sucker Punch products are made with natural ingredients.


Grace Foods

Bring Jamaica to your kitchen with the many offerings from Grace Foods. We all know chicken backs protein, so why not add a little flavor to your wings with Grace’ jerk sauce. Our personal favorite is the Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. It’s not only good for seasoning but it is a great dipping sauce for nuggets or chicken tenders. Grace Hot Jerk Seasoning is a special blend of herbs and spices – featuring Jamaican’s own hot country pepper and Scotch Bonnet peppers, blended with famous Jamaican pimento for authentic Caribbean flavor. Grace products allow you to broaden your horizons and be adventurous. Their amazing line of products definitely adds zest to any dish.

Learn more about Grace Foods at www.gracefoods.com.


RayZyn Dried Merlot Grapes

Skip the raisins and give these dried grapes a try. Made from wine grapes this snack is rich in antioxidants and flavor.The crunchy texture is an addictive bonus that makes this a fun nutritious treat.


Good Health Veggie Straws

Skip the chips and have some Veggie Straws. These crispy “straws” are crunchy, tasty and packed with vegetables. Each bag contains nutrients from tomatoes, beets broccoli and spinach.


If you’re looking for a refreshing drink you must add CHERRiSH to your list. CHERRiSH harnesses the power of the U.S.grown and harvested Montmorency tart cherry, a potent untapped superfood. It has high levels of antioxidant properties and the highest anti-inflammatory rating in the industry. CHERRiSH balances the flavor by mixing naturally sweet Bing cherries with the Montmorency cherries for a tasty combination that produces a substantial increase in overall health benefits. The 8oz cans pack a lot of nutrients. Each of those cans equal to three servings of fruit per day, and it’s available year-round, making it a convenient, go-to, ready-to-drink, premium lifestyle beverage. No mixing, no blending, no packets, no powders. At first, we were scared of the taste but that was put to ease with our first sip. It is delicious and comes in a few other flavors, we love the pomegranate/cherry drink.

While we do recommend getting up and out no matter the season, we also understand the lure of comfy surroundings and an endless stream of entertainment. If you insist on binge-watching an entire series, also insist on eating better. While gorging yourself in mysteries sci-fi or whatever you’re into, don’t forget to treat your body right. There may be millions of hours of programming to go through but there is only one you. As the old adage says: All things in moderation, including moderation. You can find all of these products at Wholefoods, Food Bazaar and online.