Review: Burger & Lobster Bryant Park

XO Rating

10 Decor
10 Experience
10 Food
10 Service

Location: 132 West 43rd Street, NY, New York

Cuisine: Burgers & Lobster (duh)

Best Dish: The Beast served up the best of both worlds; surf and turf on a sesame seed bun topped with melty cheese. What more could you ask for?

Price: $$

Overall: The cool casual vibe of Burger & Lobster on 19th street, right in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Back in 2011, four friends came up with a simple concept that has become an international phenomenon. Burger & Lobster’s focus on simple good food has captured the appetites of the hungry masses and as a result, they have expanded to several locations in countries across the globe. We had our first taste of Burger & Lobster back in 2015 when they opened in the Flatiron District. At the time, there were only three items on the menu: Burger, Whole Lobster, and Lobster roll, all served with fries and salad. Since then the menu has been upgraded to include a few new variations on the original dishes. In addition to its new menu, they’ve also opened a new location near Bryant Park. The new space is right in the heart of the city, just a few short steps from transportation hubs, Times Square and Grand Central Station. The new restaurant is a monument to their success with high ceilings fancy new neighbors. The new 8900 square foot, 150-seat restaurant occupies the formerly fallow second floor of the historic landmarked structure encased by One Bryant Park that houses the Stephen Sondheim Theatre (built in 1918 as Henry Miller’s Theatre).

We fell hard for the first location and have spent more than a few nights enjoying fresh lobster with a few friends. When we heard about the new location we were instantly ecstatic and couldn’t wait to sample some of their new dishes.

The Feast

Lobster Bites

The original menu only had three items, so we were floored when we saw appetizers listed. In keeping with the limited items concept they only offer two appetizers; lobster bites and burger bites. The lobster bites are tasty treats of fresh lobster and shrimp wrapped in a flaky pastry shell with lemon zest, chives, and a sweet chili dipping sauce. The bites are divine on their own but the dipping sauce adds a fresh tangy flavor.

Lobster Po’Boy

The idea of cornmeal encrusted lobster made us a little nervous but we were pleasantly surprised. The lobster is still buttery and fresh as the steamed version. The cornmeal just added a little texture and some crunch. The sandwich is served in the same soft toasty roll as the lobster roll and features a spicy remoulade sauce. We wish most places would serve their lobster rolls on a soft toasty piece of bread. Sometimes the breading can take away from the flavor. Thank you, LB!

The Beast

There are few things more decadent than a burger with a lobster on it. This was one of the best burgers we’ve had in a while. The Beast was oozing with gooey swiss cheese and a hint of sumptuous truffle mayo. If you do nothing else with your life try this burger, it is outstanding! We recommend having some of Burger and Lobster’s lemon garlic sauce with this. Pour it on and consume! It can get a little messy but trust us its worth the mess.

Grilled Lobster  

We couldn’t leave without having a classic whole lobster. Yes, we drowned it in lemon and garlic butter, we put that stuff on everything. If you’ve ever been to a Burger and Lobster you understand our addiction. If you haven’t had it, prepare yourself, it’s addictive. After the first dip, you’ll want it on everything too, including the salad and fries.

Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse and Chocolate Mousse

We ended our meal with a tasty duo of treats. While both were tasty, the strawberry cheesecake mousse was our favorite. It was like a light but velvety cheesecake in a jar.

The Madison Park Punch and The Thirsty Dursty

The Madison Park Punch was a sweet and refreshing rum-based concoction similar to a classic mojito but with citrus undertones. The Thirsty Dursty is the polar opposite. It is a much stronger bourbon-based cocktail that is tasty but can probably put hair on your chest. The cocktail hasn’t been added to the menu yet and can only be found at the midtown restaurant. Both cocktails are great starters to your dining experience.

One of the most exciting items to be added to their menu is the B&L Tower. The Tower is a massive meal for four. The feast includes two burgers, two whole lobsters, two lobster rolls, any four specialty cocktails or a bottle of Cava, and unlimited fries and salad. The Tower is perfect for your next group outing or dinner celebration. Though there have been some major changes, the purveyors of Burger and Lobster remain true to the initial concept adding only variations on the original trio of dishes. Fans of the chain can also rest easy knowing the atmosphere, flavors, and prices have remained the same. Burger & Lobster is still one of the few places where a twenty dollar bill gets you a whole lobster with fries and a salad.