Riya and Sara Kapoor Take the Newport Jazz Festival Stage

Bridgefest 2017 concluded successfully for the second time on 3rd of August. We ventured out to Newport, RI to be amongst the many spectators for the festival. People who attended the event got the opportunity to experience some breathtaking performances. The combination of Jazz, Indian Carnatic music, and African Beats transformed the entire event into a fascinating one. Bridgefest 2017, which is also known as A Bridge Together has some similarities when compared to other Newport Festivals. The primary objective of Bridgefest is to bring together cultures that are scattered in different parts of the world. When these cultures are brought together, concert goers were able to experience how well they blend with each other.

The first part of Bridgefest 2017 was all about exploring music that belongs to United States, India, and West Africa. The traditional West African genres were combined along with Indian classical music to give life to some magnificent performances. Then the Western musical traditions powered by saxophone and guitar were introduced. Guests seemed to fall in love with the fusion of the two musical genres. The second part of the Bridgefest 2017 became even more colorful along with the performances of Riya and Sara Kapoor. These millennial twins were able to capture the hearts of audience through their breathtaking performances. These sisters clearly portrayed that they have mastered the Bharatanatyam through their performance.

Even though Riya Kapoor and Sara Kapoor have Indian origins, they were raised in the United States. As a result, they have a clear understanding of the American culture and the dancing style. These two sisters first appeared on stage when they were 15 years old. George Wein, who is the founder of the Newport Festival Foundation, happened to be there in the audience. He was amazed by their unique talent and ambition. As a result, he went ahead and invited Riya and Sara Kapoor to perform at the Newport Jazz Festival.

As per the words of George Wein, the two sisters are tremendous. He also specifies that the dances of the two sisters are beautiful and intricate. The traditional Indian dances were modified by the two sisters to give a whole new perspective to jazz music. The exposure these two sisters had about jazz music and western culture helped them a lot during the performances.

The overall festival received excellent feedback from the audience, with a stand ovation in the end. Attendees, including the legendary George Wein, waited for the sisters and other musicians to exit the stage for another celebratory moment. We are keeping our fingers crossed to witness another breathtaking performance of Riya and Sara Kapoor in the upcoming year as well.

“These young women are tremendous,” said George Wein. “The dances are very intricate and beautiful, but what I loved is how they brought jazz into these very traditional art forms. They’ve modernized the dances in a wonderful way while adding a delightfully different perspective to jazz music.”

The sold-out Newport Folk Festival took place at Fort Adams State Park July 28-30 followed by Newport Jazz Festival presented by Natixis Global Asset Management August 4-6 at Fort Adams and the International Tennis Hall of Fame at the Newport Casino.

Below, check out video and snapshots from the evening: