#NYFWM: Heliot Emil S/S 2018

Julius Juul, Designer and Creative Director at Heliot Emil went out on a limb for the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Instead of following trends, he dove into the trenches to create a line that draws attention to the post-war existential crisis that is experienced by many, but is largely overlooked in our consumerist culture.

The collection goes beyond your standard army pants and cargo boots that have traditionally been used to add a military edge to a look. Utilizing a combination of various fabrics and sewing techniques, Juul incorporates stylized takes on bullet-proof vests and jumpseat harnesses, flame resistant jackets, and a hoodie, styled in a haphazard, half-on manner such that the KETAMINE printed across the hem skews diagonally up the model’s body. There are only 5 looks, but surrounded in visqueen they send a strong message.

-John Stolen

Images: WWD