New on the Block: Pecorino Pizzeria

XO Rating

7 Decor
10 Experience
9 Food
10 Service

Location: 197 7th Ave. between 21st and 22nd

Cuisine: Italian

Newly opened Pecorino (its doors have been open less than two weeks and XOJohn got the exclusive from Sam Hoxha, Manager) has opened next door to its newest Lime Jungle location and sister restaurant in Chelsea, and is also the newest addition to the BKUK Restaurant Group’s extensive restaurant history including the former Il Bastardo (21st and 7th), Cara Mia (44th and 9th) and Maria Pia (51st between 8th and 9th) and Lime Jungle Uptown (50th and 9th).

Designed for a quick serve, yet Brooklyn-style pizza experience (“In crust we trust” is their tagline) meets traditional Italian, Pecorino is serving up their pizza slices right as the team hired a longtime chef from Italy to make this New York City pizza eatery stand out even more amongst the fierce competition.

It’s secret? It’s in its name – Pecorino – as the eatery serves up its 10″ pizzas with pecorino cheese, a fine Italian cheese made from 100% sheep’s milk and a sharper and more expensive alternative to Parmesan cheese or other cheeses on the market for pizzas. It’s a sharp and salty flavor that makes the pizza stand alone – even if you were just to get a plain slice.

The other secret?  Pecorino uses an electric wood fryer with infrared – and one of NYC’s first of these ovens- to regulate the temperature for that “trust in the crust” and perfectly cooked pizza slice.

Pecorino’s current specials and promotions (subject to change) are also great for the NYC foodie wallet with a mini pie (4 slices) at only $5, a large pie for $10 (6 slices), or a slice for $3 with a soda. You can’t beat it, especially knowing you’re getting the finest of Italian ingredients including pecorino cheese for a rich flavor and experience you won’t get from your .99 pizza shop across the street. Also with pizza varieties and delicacies including a Lobster & Crab pizza made with real lobster and crab and thanks to the inventive Italian chef behind the pizza recipes, you can’t go wrong. We had the opportunity to enjoy the 4Cheeses/Quattro Formaggi with pecorino, parmesan, ricotta, and gorgonzola.

Pecorino will also soon be serving beer and wine so you can make a casual night of pulling up a stool here with friends while soaking in the NYC meets Italian influences in a laid back, unassuming pizza parlor for a night out on the town without dropping a lot of cash to do it. Tell them sent you. Bon appetit!

-Alyson S. Campbell