Jack Daniel’s House No. 7 Pops Up in Brooklyn

In true keeping with the Jack Daniel’s brand slogan, “Every Day We Make it, We Make it the Best We Can,” the Jack Daniel’s House No. 7, opened this week on Wednesday, June 28 and Thursday, June 29 and Friday, June 30 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in NYC. These whiskey makers proved they know how to throw a party with flair and surprise and delight. Each door of the Jack Daniel’s House No. 7 opened to a new experience with a sprinkle of surprise touches at the exact right times.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted by concierge style hosts and bellmen who invited guests to check in to receive their key to explore the world of the distillery. Old school Jack and Coke branded refrigerators lined the house halls and the Jack Daniel’s bars served up with perfection a selection of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey, Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire, alongside the brands’ Single Barrel Select, Barrel Proof and Single Barrel Rye for those with private access keys to the House. The brand, now an official partner of the NBA also curated a basketball style experience to shoot hoops with dancers coordinated by The Ken Project, as well as a green screen photo booth complete with all the makings of the Locker Room, along with the Gotham Girls Roller Derby team.

Other rooms included a Bachelorette Party with party-goers to have their turn at karaoke, jump on the bed and pick up signature bachelorette accessories like tiaras, light up rings and just general pink pandemonium. The Locker Room included access to face painting in signature Jack Daniel’s branded “Team Honey,” “Team Fire,” and “Team No. 7” indicative of the whiskey varieties and all the makings to get in the Jack team spirit with foam #1 fingers, megaphones, and jerseys.

VIP access guests had the opportunity to enjoy a speakeasy style experience overlooking the crowds of many who showed up for the surprise concerts including Nelly whose appearance seemed only apropos with signature throwbacks like “Hot in Herre” in the hot House and Wyclef  who had the whole audience singing “Maria, Maria” long after he exited the stage.

Surprise touches like the surprise performers, boxes of pizza being delivered, an EDM pop up room after hours and other cool touches made this a truly fun and immersive brand experience. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

-Alyson S. Campbell