Becky’s Bites Opens in the East Village

New York City’s East Village just got yummier with the opening of Becky’s Bites, a one of a kind shop dedicated to cream cheese. Today, Becky’s Bites officially opens their doors on E. 7th Street, which many dub Dessert Row. That’s just in time for National Cheesecake Day on Sunday, July 30th and to toast the occasion, the first 100 customers to come in that morning beginning at 9am will receive a complimentary three pack of Becky’s chocolate dipped cream cheese bites!

Becky’s Bites began one hungry evening in a bite-sized kitchen in New York. Acting on Becky Rosenthal’s creativity and urge to eat something indulgent, quick and delicious, her signature chocolate-dipped cream cheese bites were created. Ever since that serendipitous night, Becky has been inspired by cream cheese. Her store showcases and sells a variety of sweet and savory treats all based on the beloved classic.

Becky’s mission is to make New York City known for its cream cheese in the same way the city is famous for its bagels. The cream cheese she uses is sourced from the Hudson Valley and her other staples, which include coffee and bagels, are all proudly made in New York. Becky’s Bites offers a range of novel cream cheese inspired treats from bagels and parfaits to tiny tarts and cookie sandwiches.

Becky’s Bites has a variety of original cream cheese spreads perfect for bagels, ranging from cookies n cream to bacon egg and (cream) cheese, in addition to Beckaroos (a play on Dunkaroos) and tiny cookie sandwiches as well as chocolates and more. Becky’s signature chocolate-dipped cream cheese bites, which initially sparked the concept of brand, will be a highlight of the store. Coffee, bottled milk, and hot chocolate will also be offered with the ability to top it off with cream cheese whipped cream.

Becky’s Bites is located at 122 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009