Restaurant Review: Mezcaleria La Milagrosa

XO Rating

8 Decor
8 Service
9 Cocktails/Food
9 Experience

Location: 149 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn NY

Best Drink: All of them!

Price: $$

Overall: Mezcaleria La Milagrosa is a modern speakeasy, with top shelf Mexican spirits and a warm inviting presence. Feel free to bring your out of town guests for an impressive evening of cocktails or your significant other for an exclusive night cap.

Felipe Mendez, the visionary responsible for igniting the Mexican dining scene in Brooklyn with taqueria La Superior, Mendez is also an avid music collector, with 15,000 records he has amassed since the age of 15.

Through the doors of an unassuming Williamsburg grocery deli, lies a watering hole for Mezcal and Tequila aficionados. Entry is granted by reservation only, and if granted access, a quick step beyond a freezer door reveals a hidden bar. Warm wooden tones engulf the space, as soft golden light illuminates the intimate venue. In addition to cocktail service, the space also serves as a listening room where guests can enjoy spins from guest DJs, or make their own playlist courtesy of a vintage coin-operated jukebox, loaded with classic 45s. Though the bar is fully stocked, the cocktail menu is limited to tequila and mezcal based mixes. The options are an assortment of old and new cocktails with fresh ingredients and flavorful combinations.

One of the strongest cocktails on the menu is the “New Fashioned”,  a mezcal version of a classic old fashioned. The original version of this cocktail is made with whiskey, bitters muddled with sugar, and a twist of citrus rind. Mezcaleria La Milagrosa’s version replaces the whiskey with mezcal and the sugar is replaced with agave nectar. This isn’t for the weak, this drink packs a punch. With this drink, you get to experience the full rich flavor of mezcal, enhanced by the aroma of fresh citrus.

Another reimagined classic is the Mezcal Mule, a mezcal infused version of the popular Moscow Mule. Mezcal replaces the standard vodka for a spicy rendition that is unique and delicious.

You can’t have a tequila bar without a margarita, Mezcaleria offers this happy hour favorite, in a variety of flavors. For a spicy version, we recommend the “Margarita Guyaba”, this rendition has sweet guava juice and a peppery spicy kick. For a more tropical adaptation give the Margarita Jamaica a try. This rendition has house brewed hibiscus tea, orange bitters, and fresh lime.

While they do not serve food at this time, you could satisfy your hunger right next door at their sister restaurant “Cerveceria Havemayer”. The restaurant is decorated with long communal tables with vintage advertisements and movie posters adorning the walls. The menu boasts authentic Mexican fare with some imported ingredients. After our cocktails, we popped in for a round of tacos. The tacos are offered with a variety of proteins so we created our own tasty platter of assorted tacos. We sampled the chicken, carnitas, beer battered fish and beef tongue, a quartet of tasty bites.

Mezcaleria is one of those cool places you mention in hushed tones with a select few. The concept of a hidden bar is an exciting thrill that reminds us of classic films and a bygone era. The notion of making a reservation before gaining entry adds to its mystique and exclusivity.

Mezcaleria La Milagrosa seats 25 with standing room to accommodate 40-50 pp. The room will be available to rent for private events with catering from Cerveceria Havemeyer or La Superior. Hours of Operation: Every day 7 p.m.-2 a.m.