Discovering Wine and Cheese with Classic Harbor Line

Cruising along the Hudson is one of the things we look forward to every spring. The view of the infamous NYC skyline and the tranquility of sailing is an experience that never gets old. A few weeks ago we upgraded our usual cruise, with a wine and cheese pairing class aboard Classic Harbor Line‘s Manhattan II. This particular cruise is about 2 hours long and features wines from all over the world paired with artisan cheeses all presented by Wendy Crispell, a certified wine and cheese educator.

We met the vessel on Pier 62 at Chelsea Piers. The cabin of the yacht is cozy yet stylish, with hardwood accents adorning the space. We took off almost immediately and the class was soon underway.  As an educator, Crispell is warm and friendly offering anecdotes from her travels while studying wines and their origins. Her extensive knowledge made for a lively discussion and fascinating exchange. The class kept a leisurely pace allowing us time to take our time with each wine and cheese combination.

Throughout the Summer, Crispell will lead several weekly classes with Classic Harbor Line. Each class will feature a different assortment of wines and cheeses. We took the “Summer Wines” excursion and were introduced to selections from Western Europe. One of our favorite pairings included a quick recipe for an easy homemade cheese. One of the perks of taking the class is that the wines and cheeses are locally sourced, so you can recreate the experience at home.

The voyage isn’t all work, it is a cruise after all so expect to have plenty of time to just enjoy the ride. Whatever you do make sure you take the time to revel in Manhattan II’s lavish outer deck. The deck sets the perfect stage for taking Instagram-worthy scenic shots and the all-important selfie (Happy National Selfie Day!). Or you could just get out and enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine like they did before cell phones had cameras. For more information on this and other cruises visit July 4th is right around the corner, therefore you must celebrate with Classic Harbor Line! Check out their options for watching the fireworks while out on the water