Tasting the Great Flavors of Greece

Great Flavors brought quality products of Greece to The Greek Tribeca restaurant. Great Flavors, a campaign co-financed by the European Union and Greece, hosted an intimate lunch where we got the chance to indulge in premium food products from Greece. Chef Dionisis Liakopolous showcased the unique flavor profiles of its signature food products and they were quite tasty.

On the menu were samples of traditional Great Flavors offerings like feta cheese of FamilyFarm in Almyros, Gruyere from Naxos, and Pistachios. Each item featured as part of Great Flavors is either certified Protected Destination of Origin (PDO), meaning that the product is wholly manufactured within that region, and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), meaning it is at least partially produced in that region. Dishes from the lunch included:

The Greek n’ Cheese using the Feta and Naxos Gruyere

Spanakopita Tart with Yogurt Feta Ice Cream

Rack of N.Z. Lamb; Pistachio Crust, Tourlou (Greek Ratatouille)

Feta Cheesecake

Each course paired nicely with a glass of Greek wine.

About Great Flavors Products:

Feta PDO: In Greece, when we say cheese, we mean only one name: feta. And when we say feta, we mean the white cheese in brine, exclusively from ewe’s milk, or mixed with goat’s milk, to a rate that does not exceed 30%.

Naxos Gruyere PDO: A hard cheese, with a golden yellow color, and small scattered holes inside its solid and elastic mass. It has a thin and dry rind, a light and fine flavor, and a very pleasant, fine, and sweet taste that makes it ideal for any purpose.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Zante PGI and Thasos PGI): A product with unique characteristics, the extra virgin olive oil is the basic ingredient of the Mediterranean nutrition, and the consumption of olive oil with Protected Geographical Indication is an authentically enjoyable experience!

Black Olive Throumpa Thasos PDO: This authentically natural product is a significant source of beneficial elements, to a high degree, just like the olive oil that is produced from the variety. Like all other olives, the Throumpa of Thasos contains substantial amounts of vitamin A and carotenoids, and smaller amounts of vitamin B1, B6, and B12, as well as trace elements: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and magnesium. However, it is richer in total tocopherols, compared to the green ones, and contains β-tocopherols and α-tocotrienols, which are substances with a strong antioxidant action.

Black currants Zante PDO: The black currant of Zante has been recognized as Protected Designation of Origin since 2008. Its exquisite quality is due to the specific soil and climate conditions that prevail in the area, as well as the implemented traditional growing, drying, and processing methods, making the Zante Black Currant PDO a truly authentic natural product.

Fthiotida Pistachio PDO: The growing of pistachio trees, which currently covers a total area of almost 500 acres, has been developed dynamically throughout this area since the mid-century. Here is produced the Fthiotida pistachio (PÍSTACHIA VERA), which has been recognized as Protected Designation of Origin since 1996.

For more information, visit www.greatflavors.eu