Dr. Oz Discusses the Importance of Sleep & ResMed’s AirMini Debut in Los Angeles

On Tuesday, media and influencers gathered at the iconic Sunset Towers Penthouse in West Hollywood to learn more about the importance of sleep and new sleep technologies at an event hosted by Dr. Oz and ResMed, a company focused on changing lives with award-winning medical devices and cutting-edge cloud-based/software applications that better diagnose, treat and manage sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic diseases. 

In our on the go society, it’s no surprise that Americans don’t get enough sleep. According to a new study, Dr. Oz pointed out that 70% of Americans get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep a night, the first reason being insomnia and the second, sleep apnea, which many people have no idea that’s even the cause of their problematic sleep cycles. More than 40-60 million Americans have sleep apnea which causes them to stop breathing repeatedly throughout the night and results in them being unable to get a good night’s rest.

To address this, ResMed debuted at the event their new device called the AirMini, the world’s smallest CPAP machine, and a game-changer for people with sleep apnea.  According to ResMed:

The ResMed AirMini has redefined CPAP therapy  providing patients with peace of mind, knowing they can easily get ResMed-quality therapy wherever they are,” said Mick Farrell, ResMed CEO. CPAP is now more portable and accessible than ever before. I have been traveling all over the world with a prototype of the AirMini system, using AutoSet, humidification, and an AirFit™ P10 pillows mask, and it has changed my travel life. I am so excited to see that this technology is now available to many millions of sleep apnea patients.

The AirMini features an app for iOS and Android allowing people to change comfort settings and track their nightly usage data for better health outcomes; a portable and convenient waterless humidification to maximize comfort; and compatibility with other  ResMed’s nasal and face masks.

The AirMini will be available to U.S. CPAP users through their home medical equipment (HME) providers. ResMed will take preorders from HMEs beginning on May 3, 2017, and AirMini will begin shipping by May 31. It will also be available at initial launch in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom, with other countries to follow.

Thanks, ResMed and Dr. Oz for hosting an educational evening where we could learn more about the importance of sleep and ways to address sleep apnea that is affecting so many millions of Americans.

-Alyson S. Campbell