Review: iHome Zenergy iZBT5

What is iHome Zenergy iZBT5?

The iHome Zenergy line has created a variety of products, which can deliver a calming environment for the people seeking a little zen in their lives. It uses a combination of sound and light therapy in order to deliver the best possible results. Out of the products that are available under the iHome Zenergy line, iZBT5 holds a prominent place. If you are looking forward to creating a relaxing environment inside your home, you can think about spending your money on this product without keeping any doubts in mind.

Light and Sound Therapy

iHome Zenergy iZBT5 has got a built in sound therapy system. It comes along with six different relaxing sound modes. They include a variety of natural sounds, like storm, nature, ocean, and even heartbeat. You just need to go through the available collection of sounds and select whichever you desire. Moreover, tonal sound “Zen” and white noise is offered for your convenience. In addition to the sound therapies, you will be able to find six different light therapy patterns to set the mood. They can be divided into three categories such as daytime lighting, which include color, glow, and aurora, morning lighting energy, and nighttime lighting that comes along with breath and calm.

The iHome Zenergy iZBT5 app

The iHome Zenergy iZBT5 app can be used to control the device as per your specific needs and requirements. You can instantly switch between the different light and sound therapy modes with the help of this app, almost instantly. This mobile app is compatible with all the iOS and Android powered devices. You can simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. We actually used the buttons on the device more than the app. The app, however, is useful while cleaning or laying in bed.

Music Playback/Speakerphone

The iHome Zenergy iZBT5 can easily be used to play your favorite soundtracks as well. You can either stream music through Bluetooth technology or use an aux cable to play music. If you are concerned about portability, you would love the Bluetooth music playback feature that is offered by iHome Zenergy iZBT5. We often used it with an iPod connection, and it works just fine, very loud and clear. One of our favorites features is the ability to answer phone calls. The speakerphone comes with digital voice echo cancellation and talk/end controls. If you dislike having the phone to your ear like us, this is the feature for you. It is very useful for conference calls.

Battery Life

The device is powered up with an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery life was quite impressive. We found ourselves often checking the battery levels after two to three hours of straight music play via the Bluetooth feature, it was about at 65%. We let it continue until the battery died at about the 8-hour mark. One single charge should last you up to 10 hours, without heavy usage. 8 hours was a win for us. It comes with a USB AC adapter and USB charging cable for charging.

Final Words

As you can see, iHome Zenergy iZBT5 is one of the most versatile products that you can purchase for your home, or while you’re on the go. The outdoor season is finally upon us, so take this small yet powerful speaker out to your next picnic. The Zen element of the iZBT5 is relaxing, especially when you don’t want to hear your loud television blaring nonsense at night. We all want a peaceful full nights sleep, iHome Zenergy iZBT5 can certainly help with that. 

iHome Zenergy iZBT5 retails for $69.99. For more information, head over to the iHome website.