#NYFWM: Landlord Fall/Winter 2017

Remember High School? Wait – remember that song “Bring it All To Me”? Who was that by? Blaque? There was that line “Are you feelin’ my timbs, my baggy jeans…”

LANDLORD’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection throws me right back into the middle of that – driving around in my 1986 Suburban with my bffs, each and every one of us wearing Timbs and baggy jeans. We were so cool. Sixteen year old me would have gone HAM on this collection, though, because it’s everything I had never (and always) dreamed of. Metallics, cool brights, jeweled embellishments, a sparkly sequin smiley face woven into the hair on the back of one model’s head – seriously, give me a time machine and an unlimited budget and my teenage self would be off the charts happy. But that’s just one side of the collection – the luxe, bedazzled, embellishments and accents, like the lavender (faux?) fur coat (layered under a moss green, canvas utility jacket).

The other side continues the utilitarian theme of the previous 2 collections from this label. Congruency is important in defining a fresh-faced label such as LANDLORD, and to see it so early in is both promising and indicative that it may have some staying power. That said, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a little boy playing dress-up in his daddy’s closet (tho, maybe that says more about me). Delivering trends is a business decision – imbuing trends with a twist that literally makes the wearer look as though they absconded with papa’s trench, is an artistic license that I’m delighted LANDLORD took. #daddylessons

-John Stolen