Explore Hudson River Valley with Classic Harbor Line

Our lovely Yacht

The season of good weather is coming to a close for New Yorkers. Soon we’ll be trading our flip flops for boots and complaining about the bracing cold. Luckily there are a few weeks of decent weather left to take advantage of. Over the next few weeks, you can make the most of the time we have left by cruising down the picturesque Hudson River Valley with Classic Harbor Line. We took a relaxing cruise up the Hudson River with Classic Harbor Line for their inaugural sail. We were on their chic and retro Manhattan Yacht. This Great Gatsby inspired vessel took us for a long leisurely trip from Manhattan to Poughkeepsie, NY. The voyage is a 4.5-hour excursion straight to Upstate NY, followed by a 3-hour self-guided tour of Poughkeepsie and then a sunset dinner cruise.Upon boarding, we were met with a 4-course brunch. The meal began with bagels, smoked Salmon and Pastries, followed by Belgian Waffles with berries and yogurt parfait. As we enjoyed the various courses, the tour was narrated in intervals by a knowledgeable guide who offered a history of the region as we cruised passed the scenic landscape and historical sites. Guests on the voyage may also ride on top of the vessel for a closer look at the natural scenery. To say the ride is relaxing is an understatement. It is a soothing therapeutic experience. Just a few hours on the water is enough to take the edge off of hectic city life.


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The ride to Poughkeepsie is about 4.5 hours, just long enough to savor every bite of brunch and relax for the next adventure. The day of our cruise coincided with Jazz in the Valley, a festival featuring live music and art from local vendors. After docking guests are encouraged to explore the nearby parks and historical sites. To aid in your exploration there are bike rentals available for small fee. One of the most visited sites in the area is the Walkway, the world’s longest pedestrian bridge. The bridge is over 200 feet high and accessible via elevator. We took full advantage of the bike rental and biked the length of the bridge including the Walkway Loop, a stretch of scenic roadway at the end of the suspended bridge. After about 3 hours on land, it was time to leave Poughkeepsie.

High above Poughkeepsie on the Walkway before biking for 10 miles.
High above Poughkeepsie on the Walkway before biking for 10 miles.

For a fee, guests can ride back on the Manhattan Dinner cruise, or for a smaller fee take the metro north back to the city. We opted for the dinner cruise and enjoyed a fabulous dinner on the way home. Dinner started with a locally sourced platter of Charcuterie and fresh vegetables followed by roasted chicken, Kale salad, stuffed mushrooms and creamy Mac and Cheese made with local cheddar.

With summer dwindling and the weather on the verge of change, there are only a few voyages like these left for the year. The next full day voyage by Classic Harbour Line will be on Labor Day. For this holiday cruise, guests will get to visit Bear Mountain State Park. The cruise begins with breakfast along the river. Once the ship arrives at the park guests will have 3 hours to explore Bear Mountain’s natural beauty and amenities, including hiking trails, and a trailside zoo. In summation do yourself a favor and take advantage of this rare opportunity. With only a handful of these day voyages available, there is no time to waste. Get your tickets today! For more information and pricing for these amazing excursions with Classic Harbor Line Cruises, visit www.sail-nyc.com. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

In the meantime, enjoy photos from our adventure: