Editor’s Showcase: Hot Holiday Gift Guide

Summer is slowly winding down soon a rush of moments will pass us by and the Holidays will be upon us. Descending in a flurry of excitement and joy the holidays are a time of celebration and of course gift giving. We recently spent an evening being introduced to a specially selected assortment of products for the upcoming holidays. The Editor’s Showcase is a series of events that brings brands face to face with bloggers, buyers, and insiders for a chance to network and sample products before they reach store shelves. Last month’s showcase was all about the holidays featuring products to enrich your holiday experience. Some of our favorites from the evening included:


Fude Recyclable Wine Tumbler

While disposable cups may be a basic necessity for your next gathering, the festive nature of the winter holidays demands a more polished presentation.  Fude’s wine tumblers are durable lightweight and easy to store.  eighteen of the clear snap and go tumblers takes up the same space as three stemless wine glasses. (Purcraft.com)



Give the gift of light to your favorite techie with the Switchmate light system. The small magnetic device is easy to install and allows the user to control any light switch with their smartphone. The device also has a timer feature which can be programmed to turn to flip the switch at any time. (www.myswitchmate.com)


Laser Pegs

If you loved legos laser pegs will give you goosebumps. These illuminated plastic building blocks and provide hours of entertainment for kids over five and kids at heart. The pegs are available in a variety or kits, ranging from helicopters and motor vehicles to world monuments like the pyramids. (www.LaserPegs.com)



Splurge and get yourself or your favorite java lover a new Keurig machine. The pod coffee making system has several new versions of their product including an array of new colors to match your kitchen or office decor. Sweeten the gift by including some seasonal flavors such as cinnamon sugar cookie which will be available this fall. (Keurig.com)

2721Fiesta Dinnerware

Treat your dinner guests or favorite host to a set of premium dishware from Fiesta. The line has been around since 1936 providing quality dishware to the masses. The brand features a rainbow of dish options as well as a few seasonal holiday-themed collections.  (FiestaFactoryDirect.com)

The holidays may seem far away but they have a terrible habit of sneaking up on the unprepared. The Editor’s Showcase gave us the unique opportunity to preview a few hot items to add to this year’s list.