Discovering New Treats at Food Fête

A few weeks ago food fete held ts big summer showcase. The seasonal event is the biggest for the year and brought food journalists from various outlets and vendors together for an evening of sampling and networking. Many of the exhibitors present new and innovative ideas to the event and some re-introduce journalists to brands they know and trust with new products and on-trend offerings. During the evening we mingled with every brand in the room, sampling quite a few tasty recipes and summer themed dishes. Some of our favorites include:


Lindsay Olives

I don’t usually eat olives. I cook with olive oil and may add a few Spanish olives to my rice and beans recipe but I didn’t eat olives until I tried  Lindsay’s. The lovely representative talked me into trying a sample and I’m glad I did.  I tried the mildest of their growing variety of  olives, the “Naturals  Green Ripe Olives”. These canned olives have a buttery flavor and smooth texture that reminds me of boiled peanuts. I was so impressed I even tried the “Naturals Black Ripe Olives”. I expected the flavor to be much more intense but it was just as mild but nuttier than the green.


California Grapes

Olives may be a new indulgence but grapes are a long time favorite. California grapes brought along plenty of their delicious plump grapes and a tasty salsa. Salsa isn’t unique on its own but when its made with grapes instead of tomatoes it’s definitely worth mentions. The grapes add a note of sweetness and cut the acidity often found in tomatoes.


Misha Quark

At first glance, Quark looks a lot like yogurt,but it is so much more. This creamy cultured dairy product is a favorite in Europe and packs a massive 17 grams of protein per cup. Misha Quark is made in upstate New York and offers a truly organic alternative to yogurt. Their Quark is made from grass-fed milk with no colors sweeteners or preservatives. Quark also lacks that tart flavor that makes yogurt off-putting to some.


Lemon Grass Kitchen

Get rid those takeout menus and invest in a few frozen entrees from Lemon Grass Kitchen. Chef Mai Pham is the creative force behind this product and provides a tasty assortment of easy to prepare dishes. The flavors are made up of the spices and ingredients of South East Asia. Each of the packages is a complete meal for two that cooks in less than 10 minutes. You can ditch the takeout menu and enjoy dishes like Shrimp Pad Thai and Lemongrass Chicken Stirfry in less time than it takes to order. Best of all, Each meal has no MSG and no artificial ingredients.


Blue Plate Light Mayonaise

I can’t enjoy a sandwich or potato salad without a good mayo. Unfortunately most mayonnaise contains fatty ingredients that could lead to a host of health problems. Blue Plate mayo includes Greek Yogurt which cuts the fat in half and provides one gram of protein per tablespoon. For a healthier chicken salad recipe use Blue Plate’s Light Mayonnaise instead of you usual brand. For a little bit of sweetness toss in a handful or two of sliced California grapes.

Food trends come and go but Food Fete’s seasonal events are here to stay, and one of our favorites to attend. Each Food Fete brings good food to good people with style and substance. An invite to the event isn’t just about sampling it’s all about building relationships and learning about new and innovative food products. For more information on Food Fete events please visit