Pedaling My Way Through NYC with Columbia Bikes

New York City is a busy yet awe-inspiring city with many great places to explore. Sometimes I find myself quite annoyed by the crowded and loud subways, that’s why I was ecstatic when my very first bike arrived at my humble abode. This particular bike wasn’t just your ordinary piece of machinery, it was a Columbia Bike. Columbia Bikes has been a top-of-mind bicycle manufacturer since 1877. With rollouts of finely made bikes like the various Roadsters, Tourist styles, Sports bikes, Juveniles, other lightweights and various bicycles; the Columbia brand has been an enduring symbol of bicycle road freedom for generations. Columbia Bikes is proud to put bikes and their riders and enthusiasts on the road, having ushered this incredible piece of technology into the scene in American. An iconic symbol during the 50’s could certainly be said to be the image of a child riding one of the bikes produced by this brand. This included boys with newspaper routes and non-working children that liked bikes such as the Columbia “Playbike” or miniature versions of bikes ridden by their parents. Many nostalgic bicycle and rider images persist to this day because of Columbia. American made, Columbia bikes got into the bike-production business back when the bike was unfamiliar to Americans.

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At one point, 4,300 Columbia bikes were made on a daily basis and 21 trucks full of them departed the plant every day to go to places like Sears, Sam’s Club, True Value, Target and Toys R Us. Columbia even produced a take-apart bike for the military during World War II. The chainless Bone-shaker with the huge front wheel and a crank are also creditable to Columbia. People had to go to school to learn how to ride this gearless bike.

During that time, sometimes the warehouse held 150,000 bikes, and they didn’t gather dust because they were sold pretty quickly. They were featured in catalogs and the desire to own one became almost obsessive. 2,000 workers in the 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space in a plant three stories high worked one of three shifts during one peak demand season in order to meet the request for bikes that gave riders access to adventure, work, play, entertainment, dating opportunities, self-propelled cruises to points of interest and all things in-between.

Even though the cost of Columbia Bikes in 1877 was a whopping $95 – it was a price point that people were willing to meet in order to climb aboard one of the bicycles and ride to freedom.

The Columbia Comeback

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The 700c Relay Vintage City Bike by Columbia Bikes is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

As one worker with a long history at Columbia mentioned, things come back in style. One bike that is gathering interest today is my 700c Relay Vintage City Bike. I’m personally obsessed with its vintage style and ability to cruise through the mean (and rocky) streets of New York City. This bike boasts, Dual Disc Brakes, Durable Hi-Tensile Steel Frame, Brushed Steel Fenders with full coverage, 700c x 32MM Gumwall 700c tires, and so much more. One of the most useful specs I loved about the bike is the 3-speeds and the ability to shift gears without pedaling. Because I am always in “go mode” and keeping up with a bustling city, low maintenance and simplicity is the way to go. My weekends have been officially upgraded as I plan on peddling my way through the big apple to discover new places. Thankfully I live in a city where biking is easy; we have tons of bike lanes, trails, and bike parking.

On my first outing with my new shiny bike, I discovered a scenic bike trail not too far from my home. The trail had magnificent views of the city and Hudson River. Since the 700c Relay Vintage City Bike was easy to maneuver, by my third outing, I was able to also conquered my fear of street riding. It can be terrifying in New York but I felt confident when steering through city traffic. My weekends have now been officially upgraded!

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The beauty and top-tier engineering of other varieties of Columbia-made bikes are starting to hold sway. Because the desire for Columbia bikes is re-emerging the plant is gearing up to meet the anticipated demand. They will re-launch old bikes and bring newly engineered creations to the table. The 700c Relay Vintage City Bike is available at Dick’s Sporting Goods. You will also find their other bikes available at Toys R Us, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

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New engineering in bike production is nothing new. But it was in 1877 when the founder of Columbia began to actualize his dream to bring bike production to America. In fact, Alexander Pope was a manufacturing mentor to Henry Ford and even produced a bike that was a forerunner to the automobile. Pope has 1,500 patents to his credit. According to records, he saw bikes in Europe and decided to bring bike production to the U.S.

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Sturdy, comfortable models constructed for durability and fun – that’s the hallmark of Columbia Bikes. They have been “twinning” innovation and style together to make great bikes for almost a century and a half. Their reputation – solid. Their history – profound and storied. Their pride-producing bikes – well-built, varied in models and styles and finished with glowing enamel or chromium colors. Columbia and quality go together – always have and always will. The resurgence of interest in this bike is a testament to its reputation. Many say Columbia Bikes is America’s best bike brand. It was inarguably America’s first bike, and it stands a good chance of being the last.

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