It’s All About Health and Nutrition at Editor Showcase

Eating healthy is becoming increasingly difficult for foodies. If you are like us, your timeline is constantly flooded with fascinating new recipes and insanely decadent variations on familiar dishes.  While indulging in these treats is fine once in a while, a diet of rich fatty foods, sweets, and processed food is a recipe for disaster. A poor diet is a leading factor in many illnesses and fatal diagnoses. To help identify some good foods and healthier snacks to enjoy instead of our bacon wrapped cheese filled fantasies, we visited the “Editor Showcase” a seasonal expo devoted to introducing new brands to the market. While at the event we sampled many tasty new items, but a few truly exceeded expectations and are worth adding to our pantry.

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Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas

Ditch the chips and get a healthy crunch with Saffron’s Crunchy Chickpeas. These flavor packed legumes satisfy your crunchy snack urges and help boost your digestion. We recommend the Korean BBQ flavor it has a mild spicy sweet flavor.

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Organic Whole Fruit Frozen Juice Tubes

Forget those sugary popsicles and grab a Whole Fruit frozen juice pack. Each pack is made with organic fruit juices and comes in a variety of flavors. For an adult twist skip the high-calorie mixers, slide the tube into a glass, add your favorite “skinny” spirits with a splash of seltzer and watch it melt into a tasty cocktail.

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Lorissa’s Kitchen Protein Snacks

Sometimes all you need is a little boost of protein to cure the midday slump. Lorissa’s Kitchen makes quality protein snack to help curb your carb cravings. This isn’t your basic jerky, it is lean with a softer bite and less sodium than most brands.

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Dave’s Killer Bread

One of the hardest carbs to give up is bread, thanks to Dave you may not have to. The bakers at Dave’s Killer bread have created a line of bread with so many nutrients and health benefits that it would be unhealthy NOT to have a slice. We sampled the Powerseed bread which contains whole flax seed, pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. For a healthy breakfast, we recommend exchanging your usual bagel with cream cheese for a slice, or two, of toasted power-seed bread topped with creamy avocado and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper flakes.

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Boulder Creek

When you simply have to have a chip give Boulder Canyon a try. Their chips are low in sodium gluten free kosher certified vegan and somehow still delicious. Best of all they come in imaginative flavors like bratwurst and our favorite, peach cobbler.

AAQ-12oz-Barramundi-All-Natural-V201404-09-working-72dpi-for-web - CopyBarramundi

If you haven’t heard of Barramundi don’t feel bad many people haven’t. Barramundi is a meaty Australian fish that is low in fat and high in Omega 3s. Give the burgers a break and dive into some Barramundi.

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In addition to foods, we also discovered some supplements that could help replenish and provide some of the nutrients we miss out on in our daily diet. Vitamins and supplements are a good way to support wellness and balance out some of the bad calories we inhale. At the event, we were introduced to GaiaHerbs, a company devoted to providing herbal supplements for optimal health.  One of there newest products is Tumeric Boost, an all natural turmeric extract. Recent studies have shown that adding turmeric to your daily diet  can reduce inflammation and help with the heart and liver.

Despite all of our best efforts, we will eventually succumb to our cravings and indulge in something salty sweet and decadent.  Until that moment, we can enjoy all of the healthier swaps we learned about and bring a little balance into our kitchens.