Ready To Eat: Bauli Pandoro and Panettone Holiday Cakes

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A Panettone is a traditional Christmas cake. The raisin filled confection is typically served warm with a dessert wine or warm beverage. One of the leading brands of Panettone cake is Bauli. For over 60 years, Bauli has provided fresh baked goods to the masses. The brand began with basic specialty cakes and holiday treats before expanding into ready to eat snacks and everyday items. The Panettone is the hallmark of all the Bauli offerings and made with the same recipe used by Bauli’s founder Rugerro Bauli many years ago. The all natural cake is made with simple ingredients butter, sugar, and eggs, along with sweet raisins and glazed orange peels. Though delectable on its own the Panettone can also be used in some of your favorite recipes. Unlike traditional cakes the Panettone has more of a bread-like consistency and can be used in a variety of ways. One of the most popular ways to use Panettone is in a classic bread pudding. You can also use it to create a sumptuous new version of French toast.


Another one of the Italy’s holiday pastries is the Pandoro. Bauli also makes Pandoro di Verona, a star-shaped holiday cake topped with powdered sugar. The Pandoro is similar in texture to the Pannetone but has a lighter taste and a rich vanilla flavor. The Pandoro Limonce offers the familiar Pandoro with a burst of delicate lemon creme.


In addition to its traditional holiday options, Bauli also has a line of everyday snacks to enjoy. Some of the snacks include mini versions of their popular Holiday cakes as well several different varieties of croissant. The snacks have no additives and feature tasty fillings like chocolate and cherry jelly. You can find Bauli products at fine supermarkets nationwide.