FALLing in Love at Food Fete

Fall is the season for indulgence. It’s the time of year when holiday parties and friendly gatherings present a constant parade of irresistible treats to enjoy. Fall can be a rough time to stick to a diet or eat healthily. At the Fall Food Fete gathering, we found some tasty new treats that will indulge allow us to indulge some of our cravings and make healthy swaps without sacrificing taste. The Food Fete series of seasonal events bring bloggers, food writers, and other food business insiders together for a sampling of some of the newest products on the market.


Loacker Wafers- Loacker wafers are an ideal host gift or holiday snack.  The tasty wafers are light and crisp with just the right bit of sweetness.  You can get these wafers in a variety of flavors including raspberry, espresso, and chocolate. This year you can skip the rich pies and cakes and have a tasty little cookie instead.


Stemlit Pinata Apples- As the saying goes having an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Why not indulge in this tart and sweet apple variety.  This hybrid apple was created by crossing three different types of apple. Golden Delicious, Cox’s Orange Pippin, and Duchess of Oldenburg make up the genetics of what is now the pinata apple. The crisp flavor and texture lends itself to several preparations and would be a welcome addition to any of your favorite apple recipes.



Fishpeople Seafood- Ditch the heavy turkey and slow roasted hams all together and get caught up in some seafood. Fishpeople Seafood is a purveyor of fine fresh fish. The company utilizes fishing communities to harvest sustainable seafood. You can even look on your package and track you fish to the fisherman who caught it! Fish is one of the healthiest proteins and some species offer a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for the heart. To keep it exciting and fresh try Fishpeople Seafood’s Honey Lemon Pepper Glaze.



Zemas Madhouse- Gluten free is the new fat-free and Zemas madhouse offers a variety of delicious mixes for some of your favorite foods. From brownies to waffles this brand has a gluten free fix for your dietary needs. We tried these cookies at the event and I have to admit they are surprisingly tasty.  If just hearing phrases like gluten free and whole grain makes your taste buds retreat Zemas mixes will change your mind. We highly recommend the Black Bean Brownie Bites the flavor is so decadent you’ll forget it’s good for you.


Chopin Vodka- Eat a little better but drink like you don’t care where the calories go. Chopin Vodka offers three distinct varieties: Potato, Wheat, and Rye. Each version is made in small batches in a family run distillery and contains no additives. Chopin makes its Vodka the old fashion way with just three ingredients, wheat, potato or rye, purified well water and yeast.

Food Fete’s Fall 2015 event brought us face to face with some gratifying options for our Holiday feasts. For more info about Food Fete’s seasonal events please visit: FoodFete.com