Mohegan Sun BrewFest 2015

Mohegan Sun BrewFest was back in action for another spectacular year.  The yearly event attracts beer lovers from all over the tri-state area an exposes them to a wide assortment of brews. This year over 100 different beers were represented and guests spent the weekend sampling the mall 2 oz at a time with signature Brewfest mini pilsner glasses. The weekend of fun began with a trivia night on Friday, two tasting sessions on Saturday and a fabulous brunch on Sunday.

We attended the tasting sessions on Saturday and got acquainted with a few new brews as well as some old favorites. A few of our new favorites included:

Redd’s Apple Ale: This yea at Brewfest Redd’s unveiled its latest creation “Wicked Blackberry”


S’Quiela– This agave and malt based mixture was created by four sisters who put there heads together and came up with a natural fruity alternative to the usual beer and ale. The malt is available in several flavors including Tropical Dream, Fiesta, and a pink grapefruit version.


Angry Orchard– This brand is one of our personal favorites. We were excited to sample their seasonal ale “Cinnful Apple”. This brew offers the familiar crisp flavor of apples with the warmth and spice of cinnamon.


Bud Light–  Since the first Lime-A-Rita Bud Light, fans have enjoyed several variations of this brew. The latest version features the apple one of Autumns most popular flavors.


Fishers Island Lemonade– If you ever wanted to experience the bold flavors of whiskey and vodka in a convenient can look no further. This mixture of spirits and fruit juices will take your tail gating to the next level.

Dos Equis–  You can’t explore beers and not have Dos Equis on tap. Along with it’s signature Lager Dos also boasts a robust Vienna style Lager called Dos Equis Ambar and the very sexy and citrusy Dos A-Rita.

Guinness Nitro–  The Guinness brand is known most for their powerful dark ale. This year they presented the rich nitrogen infused Nitro IPA. This brew uses 5 unique Hop varieties for a more complex flavor.

Smirnoff Ice– Malt liquor doesn’t always get the best reviews but Smirnoff Ice is far and above the rest. This smooth refreshing malt beverage has a vibrant and fresh flavor. The peach Bellini has bright fruity notes but he Pink grapefruit is the favorite, its crisp taste is like summer in a bottle.

Though brewfest is over this year thats no reason not to visit our dear friends at Mohegan Sun. This indoor resort has

  • More than 300,000 square feet of gaming within three casinos
  • A 34-story, 1,200-room luxury hotel
  • A 20,000 square-foot world-class spa
  •  a 130,000 square-foot retail shopping experience; The Shops at Mohegan Sun
  • 40 Restaurants, Bars and Lounges
  • Three entertainment venues including a 10,00 seat arena with hot acts lke Ricky Martin and Bellator MMA.

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