Elevate Your Wine with Kim Crawford Gems

Kim Crawford Wine has partnered with luxury home goods company ANNA New York by RabLab for a match made in “wino” heaven. The Kim Crawford Wine Gems by RabLabs is a stylish reimagining of the whiskey stone for wine. The gems were cut from naturally colored fluorite gemstone. Creator Anna Rabinowicz drew inspiration from the expressive, crisp style of Kim Crawford’s celebrated Sauvignon Blanc, finding a fun, functional way to keep sipping cool and colorful this summer and beyond. Anna expressed her excitement for the collaboration, “I am very excited to collaborate with Kim Crawford to create these gorgeous wine gems,” Anna explains. “For these designs, I selected fluorite stone – a gemstone which I’ve wanted to use for years because of its luminosity. The expressive tones of the stone beautifully complement the translucency and color of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. These wine gems transform your glass of wine into a truly extraordinary sipping experience.”

Kim Crawford Wine Gems

As a wine lover, the gems are the perfect addition to my glass because not only are they chic but it’s a great way to keep your white wine, like Sauvignon Blanc, chilled for up to an hour without diluting the wine’s flavors. Up until last week, I was using those clumpy old traditional stones to chill my Bourbon cocktails and wine. I wasn’t aware there were better options until I got my hangs on them. The whiskey stones fail in comparison to the Kim Crawford Wine Gems. After leaving the gems in my glass for about 40 minutes, my Sauvignon Blanc was still chilled and the taste remained just a fresh as my first serving. The gems are an excellent gift for the wine lovers in your life or to show off at your next cocktail party.

Photo 1 - Glasses Package Bottle_Final

If you’re looking for the ultimate pairing for the gems, we suggest you start out with Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc; it’s light, fresh, and soothing to the taste buds. I paired it with a home cooked meal, which consisted of, linguine dipped in clam sauce and a side of lightly peppered asparagus. Kim Crawford Wine and Gems will definitely help elevate any wine drinking experience. They are currently sold as a shareable set of six for $76, available nationwide at www.anna-newyork.com.

Kim Crawford Wine Gems Package Bottle