5 Reasons To #GetSUM

The SUM Company is taking customization to a whole new level with their extremely cool sunglasses collection. SUM allows customers to express themselves through style by creating your own personalize pair of frames; thanks to their custom design module. You can mix and match a variety of colors, all while saving money. A complete pair of sunnies will cost you no more than $25. Parts range between $5-15. 

We were on the hunt for a cool pair of frames to fit our upcoming “Daycation” in the Hamptons and to lounge on the beach. After 5 minutes of browsing the website, we knew SUM Sunglasses would be a perfect fit, for obvious reasons:

1. Interchangeable: This is by far our favorite feature. Instead of wasting money on brand new frames, you can simple purchase parts like temples, base lenses, and faces, to create your own unique pair. It only takes a few minutes. They also look great without the face plate.

2. User Friendly Website: Navigating to the Sum Company website is easy. We customized out frames in a matter of seconds. The website also has a few bundle options available if you don’t feel like making your own. We highly recommend creating your own.

3. Lightweight: Heavy glasses are no fun. They often fall off and break. SUM sunglasses are very light and rest comfortably on your face or head.

4. Affordable: Having one good pair of sunglasses is essential. With SUM, your must have frame can be customized in a few clicks. You definitely won’t have to worry about someone wearing your shades at the next party you attend.

5. Endless Combinations: With 7 different base lenses, 12 different colored faces, 12 different colored arms; customers can create well over 145,000 different combinations. That’s a lot of shades!

SUM Company was started by two friends that wanted to prove anything is possible and build a platform for customers to express who they truly are. We did just that; for our SUMs we completely decked them out with a tortoise face, green and blue temples, and finished them off with a fierce red-orange base lens. SUM’s come with a microfiber pouch to keep them well protected.

For more information on SUM, head over to SUMCOMPANY.COM

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