Restaurant Review: Lovecraft Bar NYC

10 Decor
10 Service
10 Food
10 Expereince

Location: 50 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

Cuisine: American

Best Dish: Two Words- Lobster Tacos. These are an amazing hybrid between a lobster roll and a fish taco. The crunchy shell holds up well with the large chunks of delicious lobster meat.

Overall: It’s more than a bar it’s an event. Despite its horror themed appearance Lovecraft is a fun relaxed place with a friendly staff and really good food. It’s a good place to enjoy after work or with a few friends. The space also makes a great venue for a first date the decor alone will give you something to talk about and if you’re lucky, Troy will be there to supply the soundtrack to your new love story.


If you are a fan of horror, steam punk or delicious flavors find your way to Lovecraft. We visited the intimate bar and eatery last week for dinner and cocktails. We sauntered in and admired the industrial brick walls and deep brown tones. The space is named after horror writer H.P. Lovecraft and the decor represents his fantastical imagination and dark imagery. We settled into a corner table and admired the full length bar and artwork gracing the walls. The venue also features a lounge on the lower level. The lounge is where most of the live performances take place; it features a stage and plush seating. For our review we opted to sit upstairs in the bar/dining area to concentrate on our meal. Given the dark decor and horror theme of the space we weren’t expecting a medley of bubbly 80’s pop to be blaring from the speakers. Hits by Lionel Richie and Aha were surprising but comforting, we were there to have a good time and the soundtrack of classic pop was an enhancement to our evening.


While looking over the menu, we were surprised by the selections. Considering our surroundings, I expected simple bar food; wings sliders etc. We were pleasantly surprised and excited to see a fully developed menu of tasty dishes and interesting spirits. Lovecraft infuses liquor with fun flavor combinations. We started dinner with some fab cocktails, specially mixed by resident mixologist and music lover Troy. The bar menu offers several specialty cocktails but we felt adventurous, and left our taste buds in Troy’s capable hands. I was presented with a citrus based cocktail. I haven’t a clue what was in it besides vodka, fruit juice and a refreshing hint of cucumber. My companion enjoyed a Manhattan with cranberry infused bourbon, a new take on a familiar classic. Both drinks were delicious and got our taste buds buzzing for dinner.


As we sipped our cocktails the sun dipped along the horizon and the music changed. R&B wafted through the air creating a much more romantic vibe than anticipated. Our appetizers arrived and we dug into our first course. We started the meal with the Maryland Crab Cake and Lobster Tacos. The Crab Cake arrived with a side of lightly dressed leafy greens to compliment the sweet buttery crab. The Crab Cake was moist, tender, and seared just right for extra texture.


If you enjoy lobster rolls as much as we do you will lose your mind over the Lobster Tacos. These fragrant things of beauty are delicious and more than worth the trip to the lower east side. The shells are light and crisp against the cool plump lobster meat.


After devouring our first course we settled in to enjoy more of our favorite songs, courtesy of our new best friend Troy. If you are lucky you will visit on a night he is working. His musical taste goes beyond genres and like everything else at Lovecraft was a total surprise. Who knew this red headed bearded man would have such an impressive library of 90’s R&B? While waiting for our entrees we enjoyed another round of cocktails. This time I tried a Zombie with absinthe. The traditional recipe for a Zombie calls for several rums and has high alcohol content. Adding Absinthe is a wild addition to the potent ingredients associated with this beverage. This version of the Zombie was sweet and fruity with a hint of black licorice.

Our next course was the Orecchiette pasta. Orecchiette is small round pasta that resembles little ears. The pasta is served simply with a light sauce, savory Italian sausage crumbles and broccoli rabe. This dish is sized to share and delicious. This is a good option for pasta lovers in the summer. Without the copious amounts of red sauce was lighter and filling but not overwhelming. After eating we felt satisfied but not stuffed.


Our last course of the evening was the “Frenched Chicken Breast”. Frenching is a technique by which a piece of meat is cut in a way that reveals a piece of bone. A frenched chicken breast has the drum part of the wing still attached and is shaved slightly at the end. The chicken was served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with grilled asparagus. The chicken was well seasoned and juicy.


Instead of dessert, we ended our meal with a round of sweet shots. We love bacon and we could not leave without a shot of the maple bacon bourbon. Yes you read that correctly, Maple Bacon Bourbon! We have had bacon infused cocktails before but this was hands down one of the best. The first thing you notice when raising your glass is the scent of smoky bacon. The first drop on your tongue presents the warmth of bourbon followed by a sweet maple finish.

The ambiance and friendly service at Lovecraft are a great compliment to the delicious food and refreshing cocktails. The bar isn’t just about food and drinks they are also about fun and quirky events. Stop by on a Monday evening for Trivia night and the chance to win $50 towards drinks. If you are looking for an end of summer party drop by for the H.P. Lovecraft birthday celebration. On August 21, 2015, Lovecraft Bar NYC will host a party in honor of the legendary horror-writer, H.P. Lovecraft. Bar-goers attending this unique and thrilling event must prepare for a night of live music, burlesque, live readings, costumes, magicians, steampunk, film screening and much more! It will take place from 4:00pm – 1:00am

Guests attending the birthday bash can indulge in delicious and innovative menu items created by award-winning celebrity chef, Chris Coleman, while enjoying a variety of specialty infused cocktails and craft beer. The “Lovecraftian” atmosphere creates a spooky yet mystical vibe you will not want to miss on this special day. The first 50 guests before 6:00pm will receive a free shot to kick-off the night!

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