#NYFWM: PLAC Spring/Summer 2016

PLAC Spring/Summer 2016 started with a phrase of song titled “Wake-up” by Arcade fire is an energetic collection to convey a positive message to young generation having inner conflicts between society and individual and suggests new attitude to new kids for PLAC.

The process of garments design development starts with original military look reflecting unique details re invented from existing skills and trendy-pattern to provide novel items, and the reinterpretation of sportswear shows sophisticatedly urban silhouettes by using experimental modern detail. Also, inspired by the function and physical activity of sportswear, the collection reflects both neo-military and contemporary sportism at the same time. Camouflage print plus typography and photo collage with young and contemporary aesthetics deliver hopeful messages to new kids.

The generation of wealth and the generation of unrest are incorporated into this collection using clean and fresh construction and vital energetic colors. Mix of modern and easy to be matched mono chrome and various range of vital herb green and sunlight orange represents new kids overcoming anxiety of young generation. Using familiar materials in an unfamiliar way is our core; by combining heterogeneous textures and light compact materials we are inducting change. High density cotton, soft cotton, silky nylon, knit infused rayon, jersey with unique texture and feeling, double faced materials are mainly used.