Inspired By #TBT…

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My baby sister is 15 now. Just the thought of her teetering on the edge of womanhood fills me with dread. In our eyes she will always be a baby, but they don’t stay babies forever. They grow up, move on, and hopefully become productive members of society. We are a few months into planning her sweet sixteen and I can’t help but get nostalgic for the days when I could bounce her on my knee. I recall playing dress up with her and wanted that feeling again. Luckily my other sister had a beautiful little girl to help fulfill this need. On a warm Saturday afternoon I seized the opportunity to re-create this moment with my niece. My niece is in town visiting and she is just as sassy as her youngest aunt. We headed out early that morning to secure a spot in the park for a family picnic. We set up our tables and grill pretty quickly and waited for family to arrive with the food and some supplies. While we waited I gave my straw hat and shades to little Jazzlyn. My niece is an adorable, spunky little lady who was all too happy to pose for a glamorous photo shoot. After a few minutes though, my tiny little muse was distracted and not interested in sitting still. She squirmed, took phone calls and had to have a mid shoot snack. I tried to hold her captive a few more minutes but once a little boy her age asked her to play, I knew I had to set her free. When I gave her the ok to be with her friend, she practically threw my sunglasses at me and ran off. She didn’t want the sunglasses, but she kept the big straw hat.

coffee-mate tbt

In retrospect I probably should have tried a different locale; one without the allure of swings and brown eyed little boys with dimples. I’m sure there will be other opportunities; I will get my chance again. There will be plenty of time to play with her and eventually warn her about the dangers of cute little boys with dimples, for now I will just cherish those few moments we had together. That was first time she ditched me and I’m sure there will be others. Thankfully I managed to get a few cute pictures before she ran off with her new friend. I got just enough pictures to grace my office with on Monday Morning.  I’ll be able to enjoy my morning cup of joe with a splash of Nestlé Coffee-mate® Classic Vanilla and look at her bright shining face.

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