Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

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In preparation for my sister’s sweet sixteen, we gathered around my mom’s table with warm mugs of coffee, flavored with soothing Classic Vanilla Coffee-mate.  We looked over many old photos to find the perfect picture for a collage that would be displayed at the event. Among them was one of my favorite pictures; my sassy little sister wearing my favorite hat and posing for the camera. My little diva wasn’t always one of my favorite people.

When I was 18 my mother had the brilliant idea to expand our family with yet another baby. I wasn’t excited about it at all.  I was practically an adult and my other sisters were teenagers too, where would this poor baby fit in?  Time passed as it often does and, as expected, we all fell instantly in love.  Despite my earlier issues with having a brand new baby, by the time she was three we were inseparable.  She was like a living doll, a tiny little version of all of us put together. I have six siblings all together with baby Kasondra being the last of the lot.

coffee mate (2)

As soon as she was able to talk, we would spend hours doing silly stuff like finger painting and baking cupcakes. One of my fondest memories I have with her is playing dress-up one rainy afternoon. We sat for hours putting on makeup and playing with her hair. Eventually she ended up in a wig with my favorite hat. She put her hand on her little hip and we snapped a photo. It was an impromptu, spur of the moment photo that brilliantly summed up the little lady she was and the amazing young diva she was poised to become. I honestly can’t wait to relive these moments soon as I prepare her for the next party on her social calendar. Now when we play dress-up, it’s just as much fun as it was when she was a toddler; some things just never change.

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