Summers Are Made For Rooftop Fun

The post is sponsored by American Honey.

One of the most amazing things about living in New York City is summertime! The outdoor festivals, live music, swimming pools, picnics in the park, boat cruises, and rooftops, all just some of the things to admire about a New York summer. There is so much to do in the big apple and the amount of fun is endless. When New York finally gets some solid summer weather, I had an idea to gather some new friends and associates, whom I’ve met over the past year for a relaxing evening of fun. The main purpose of the party would be for us young professionals to socialize with one another, outside of the work environment. Who knows what will happen? Great connections could be made or even some match making. It will be a time to let down your guards and loosen up your collars.

My only dilemma is coming up with a party idea?!?! I personally enjoy hanging out on a rooftop, overlooking busy Manhattan, gazing at the New York City skyline, and simply breathing in the fresh air. A rooftop affair will probably be the backdrop for this fete.

american honey wild turkey

My guests will sip on Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon. What I like about American Honey Bourbon is its perfect mix of sweetness, bite, and bourbon. My plan is to serve it straight up (hot or cold) so my partygoers can experience the spiced apple cider and cinnamon flavors. Speaking of spices and flavor, this brought on the idea of having a Mardi Gras themed rooftop party equipped with feathered masks, beads, light bites, and New Orleans style music playing as the soundtrack to the evening. Mardi Gras does bring the people together; hopefully I will be able to pull it off. Besides, bourbon and Mardi Gras go hand and hand.

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