A TriBeCa Treasure: Smyth, A Thompson Hotel

Smyth, A Thompson Hotel is located down in lower Manhattan or Tribeca, just below the usual tourist traps and walking distance from the financial district. This chic yet homey boutique hotel recently underwent renovations and provides guests with a more casual approach to luxury. We visited the space a few weeks ago to check out the layout and enjoy their cozy bar scene. The hotel is located just outside of the Chambers Street subway station making it an easy place to get to for locals as well as visitors.


Upon arrival, we were greeted by a smiling doorman who pointed the way to a shared space to the right of the front desk. The well-lit common area features a small library with carefully selected books as well as a seating area quipped with tables for small bites and plush comfy couches. At first glance it looks more like the living room of a grand NY apartment, it is lushly furnished with domestic touches like artwork and pillows. Beyond this sunlit front room is the bar space.

The bar is dimly lit with a soft amber glow. Guests may choose one of the cozy couch settings or the more traditional bar stools. We visited on a Monday evening the scene was fairly low key a mature relaxed after five crowd. We settled into our seats and ordered a round of cocktails. Taking in our surroundings. Artwork by local artists were sprinkled throughout the space adding to its relaxed appeal and homey New York vibe. Very close attention was paid to the aesthetic in order to create a chic yet comfortable space for the guests as well as bar patrons. To go along with our beverages we sampled a small plate which for us meant a burger and fries to share. The burger was big and flavorful served with shoestring fries. The fries were crispy and light and just as addictive as your favorite to fast food fries but without the copious amounts of grease and salt.

In addition to the front room and bar setting the hotel also boasts a state of the art private room for parties seminars and special occasions. The space can hold up to 125 people for a cocktail reception and is equipped with its own wait staff, bar, kitchen and restrooms. Since its opening the space has been the location for several meetings, fund raisers and parties. One of their biggest corporate clients is the always in style Conde Nast, who just recently relocated into the area. If you’re in the area for a bite and a drink or searching for am impressive venue for your next event remember Smyth Hotel. Trust us this place will likely become a favorite with party planners and travelers get in while you still can.

Smyth Hotel is located at 85 W Broadway, New York, NY 10007