What’s New at Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand?

If you were the type of kid who got excited about new pencils and fresh paper then you’re probably the type of adult who appreciates a good post-it and great stationary. I for one use office supplies as much at the office, as I do at home. Forget whips and chains color coded post its and manila folders are what truly excite me. My excitement was taken to the next level thanks to the good people at Post-it Brand and Scotch Brand, who invited us out to The Glasshouses in Chelsea for a cocktail party and presentation of their latest innovations.

Guests sipped specialty cocktails while perusing vignettes featuring the new products. Whether you are working in the corporate world, yourself or managing a household you can find the right products for your lifestyle.

One of my favorite new products is the “Dry Erase Surface” Imagine the ability to turn any flat surface into a dry erase board. All you have to do is roll out the thin white sheet and apply it to any flat surface such as a wall, a table top or even the fridge. You don’t need to hammer it in with damaging nails, thumbtacks or any special adhesive it sticks to virtually any surface without causing destruction.
Anything that sparkles makes us happy, and our latest obsession is metallic tape. Yes you heard me. Metallic tape, and it is as magical as it sounds. Scotch Expressions Metallic tapes are available in a wide array of colors and add just enough sparkle to any project.
Metallics_Holiday_P (1)
Jazz up your workstation with something colorful and cute like the Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser. For spring we love the flower vase version. However the Cosmo inspired version is perfect for any season. Their cute, functional and easy to use.
The latest news in Post-Its is the Post-it Plus app which allows you to take photos of your post its and turn them into digital items you can organize and share. The app is only available for Apple devices, hopefully it will be upgraded soon to include Android users. In the meantime us Androids can at least enjoy the multitude of bright cheerful colors from the “World of Color” collection of Post-its. This collection features several different palettes each one representative of a different global destination.
Spring time is the right time to organize or add some much needed color to your life. For more information on these products and some organization inspiration visit ScotchBrand.com and Postit.com.