Cocktails at Ty Bar (The Four Seasons Hotel)

Ty Bar at The Four Seasons New York

10 Cocktails
10 Atmosphere
10 Experience
10 Decor
10 Service

Location: 57 East 57th Street (Ty Bar at The Four Seasons Hotel)

Items: 6 Cocktails, 4 Small Plates, 2 Desserts

Best Drink: Though we thoroughly enjoyed one of the most luxurious Old Fashions ever created the star of the night was the Meridian. The zesty citrus and warm cinnamon flavors are a winning combination

Atmosphere: The atmosphere is relaxed luxury.

Overall: Despite the opulent surroundings the vibe is very comfortable and easy. The bar services a unique mix of ages, so don’t expect a wild night of drunken debauchery. Instead go with the intent to eat, drink and be merry.

Four Seasons Hotel
Ty Bar

A few short weeks ago we stepped into The Garden at The Four Seasons to live out our decadent fantasies with a fun Brunch. This week we popped in for premium cocktails at the beautiful Ty Bar located just across the lobby from The Garden.. We stopped by on a Tuesday and thanks to the Memorial Day recovery of the usual patrons, the space was lively but not crowded. Most evening the plush red seating is bursting at the seams with excited patrons. The always friendly hostess led us to a corner table window, where we could look out into the entire space. The expansive dimly lit bar is filled with cushioned red seating and warm wooden accents. We sat and looked on our fellow patrons. The crowd ranges from captains of industry to giddy fashionistas all enjoying the soft music and casual atmosphere.

For the first round we chose one of the most decadent cocktails we have ever had. Macallan is one of the world’s best Single malt Scotch Whiskies and the Ty Bar offers three cocktails with this exclusive product. You won’t find Macallan in most bars in the city it is a cherished spirit available in only the finest establishments. You can enjoy this whisky neat but we chose to have as an Old Fashioned mixed with orange bitters and Colorado Clover honey. There are four levels of Macallan available at TY Bar. The most expensive of the group, the Macallan M, which has the distinction of being one of the most expensive drinks on the planet. It actually holds the world record after a single liter decanter of this precious liquid sold for over $600.000 at a Sotheby’s auction. You may not be able to get a bottle but you can sample it at the four Seasons for a mere 1200 a glass.

Ty Bar Four Seasons NY (16)

We opted for the 18 Year Old Macallan Old Fashioned for $65. The drink arrives with a beautiful orb of ice bobbing quietly in its glass. The Whisky is smooth and rich; notes of dried fruit, clove and spice are evident from the very first sip. This isn’t a drink to be rushed this should be sipped, slowly. You truly have to let the liquid coat your tongue and experience all of it.

While we sipped on our shamelessly rich beverages we also enjoyed an assortment of small plates. Our bar bites started with the Crispy Duck Paillettes served with a tangy Chili Mint Sauce for dipping. The outer layer was warm and crunchy and the duck inside tender and moist.

Ty Bar Four Seasons NY (8) - Copy

We also tried the tasty Korean Tacos. These little gems were overflowing with tender juicy beef drizzled with a tasty spicy kimchi mayo. The tacos were divine.

Ty Bar Four Seasons NY (10)

Before our last savory bites, we ordered another round of cocktails. I chose the Mad Man a refreshing mix of Four Seasons Baby Bourbon shaken, not stirred with ginger syrup, bitters and freshly squeezed lemon juice. My companion went with The Meridian, an incredibly tasty cocktail featuring an exclusive house mix of five rums shaken with cinnamon syrup with fresh lime and pineapple juices.

Ty Bar Four Seasons NY (5) - Copy

For our last plate we had the Pan Seared Shrimp. This sumptuous jumbo shrimp are served on a bed of sweet and spicy mango salsa.

Ty Bar Four Seasons NY (9)

For our last round we enjoyed the Old Pal. It is made with barrel aged Four Seasons Hudson Baby Bourbon stirred with Campari and a bitter Italian vermouth, Punt De Mes.

Ty Bar Four Seasons NY (2)

The very last treat of the evening was the smooth and creamy Roasted Almond Panna Cotta.

Ty Bar Four Seasons NY (3) - Copy

Ty Bar is of the city’s most sophisticated bar. Its chic decor and famed location create an impressive date night or special treat. The cocktails aren’t just watered down fruit juice blends, they were hand crafted by a noteworthy mixologist and they are presented as such. Lastly, the staff is warm friendly and approachable. Though we went one of the least hectic evenings, the bar was still pretty busy yet we never felt ignored or had to look far for our server; a rare occurrence in most bars. Even on their busiest nights Ty Bar maintains a sense of dignity and pride in their amazing menu and the service they provide. So whether you’re the head honcho at some billion dollar business or a thirsty blogger looking for a well made drink you can count on Ty Bar to provide great drinks, tasty plates and impeccable service. Head over to for more information.