Review: ASUS Memo Pad 7

Last weekend I had the chance to play around with the ASUS memo pad 7. This cute little android tablet has great features for productivity and entertainment. All life is balance and the memo pad can help you achieve goal as well as kill a some free time. Opening the package I noted the size. It is a compact 7″ which makes it ideal for life on the go; you can take it any and everywhere. But with a smart phone how practical is this device? It all depends on how you choose to use it. I for one found it better at keeping me on task, especially since I wasn’t distracted by incoming calls or texts. The larger screen also allowed me to watch videos with more detail and crisp HD quality. There is very little set up involved with using the tablet. It comes ready to use straight out of the box. As soon as you power it up the first time you will be prompted to enter some information its simple set up info that will take all of five minutes. Once I put my email address in and turned on the WiFi the device immediately linked my google account and google play downloaded all of my apps. The MemoPad 7 even downloaded my google calendar to keep me on track. With any device its easy to get swept up by the features but rarely use them after day one. A few of the key features on this device are not only practical but easy enough to use on a daily basis. In my experience some of the most used and treasured features included:

1. What’s Next: I am notoriously forgetful this tablet kept me on track with up to the minute updates on the locked screen as well as the home screen. At a glance I was able to see what was next on my calendar without having to open the calendar app. It even reminded me to set my clocks forward for daylight savings time.

2. MiraCast: Using an optional dongle attachment you can beam the contents on your tablet screen directly onto your TV for better viewing. I used this feature to show off some of my vacation photos and to show my godson his own handsome face on the big screen.

3.Front and Rear Facing Cameras: The camera comes preloaded with several fab settings. One of the coolest setting is the gif setting. This allows you to turn simple pictures into moving gifs with just a simple hard press on the shutter button. Another great setting is the time rewind feature which allows you to take still photos of a moving target and choose the best option. Lastly the Beautification setting allows you to take amazing selfies with smoother skin and a soft filter.

4. Stereo Speakers: I like listening to music but I love it when I can share the experience. The stereo speakers are surprisingly powerful for such a little device. It fills a small room with clear crisp sound. I used this in my bedroom while straightening up for a little musical inspiration and at the office to add a little melody to my stressful day.

5. Battery life: There are very few thing in life worse than a dead electronic device. With 9 full hours of battery life you can have this tab out all day without having to do the dreaded plug hunt at every stop. I took it out on Sunday afternoon and it was still working well into the wee hours. Admittedly the battery was low by 11pm but it wasn’t dead!


The Asus MemoPAd 7 is an easy to use compact device with minimal set up and great user interface. Once you get it going it will keep you going with endless possibilities.