Brunch at The Garden (Four Seasons Hotel New York)

9 Decor
10 Service
7 Food
9 Expereince

Location: 57 East 57th Street New York, NY

Cuisine:American (Brunch)

Best Dish: We love Eggs Benedict! The Eggs Benedict at the hotel did not disappoint. The sauce was creamy and decadent with a sharp citrus flavor.

Overall: An very impressive hotel to say the least, brunch is a grand way to start your weekend. Of course with any luxurious dining experience, you can expect to pay a little more. But who cares when you’re getting a awesome experience at a fine establishment.

the garden

In one of my favorite Jay-Z songs of all time, Song Cry he mentions Four Seasons Brunch. Ever since I heard it I’ve been dying to get there. The reference evokes so many images of fine dining, possible celebrity sightings, and of course amazing cuisine. Last weekend, I stopped by the uber chic Four Seasons New York to experience a fab brunch at the The Garden, which is just off the main lobby; 57th Street side. My foodie BFF and I arrived around noon and were seated right away in The Garden, an indoor space decorated with large potted trees and dim lighting. We sat near the railing in view of the magnificent marble lobby.

We started our meal with as all brunches should, with a round of appropriate cocktails. I settled on a classic Mimosa and my companion tried the pear Bellini. The cocktails were presented with the days bread offering. We munched and sipped quietly while waiting for our first course. Usually we order items to share but I’ve never liked oysters and he absolutely loves them. So he had his fried oyster platter and I enjoyed the bakery basket a small assortment of fresh baked goods. I nearly regretted my stance on oysters when they arrived so crispy and golden, they smelled delicious.

My bread basket consisted of moist banana nut bread, a tantalizing apricot tart and an chocolaty Nutella croissant. We were off to a great start and more than ready for our next course minutes later. The courses for our brunch were spaced out perfectly allowing us a little rest time in between.

Next up was the white corn cheddar grits. Admittedly there weren’t as cheesy or creamy as my usual morning grits but they were good just the same and presented beautifully with crispy bits of chorizo and a sunny-side up egg on top.


Eggs Benedict are a staple at any brunch and the four seasons offers it 2 ways; you may choose smoked salmon or the traditional Canadian bacon. All good things begin with bacon so we went Canadian for this brunch. The eggs were soft and airy beneath the citrusy hollandaise sauce. The English Muffin at the base was crisp and buttery as it should be.

Who can resist the allure of Chicken and Waffles? We certainly couldn’t. The fried chicken and waffles arrived with boneless morsels of fried chicken and crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside waffles. The syrup is served warm in individual bottles, extra fancy.

four seasons
For our last course, we had the Maple Candied Bacon Stuffed French Toast. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, this is the option for you. We enjoyed the taste of raisins and cinnamon.Brunch at The Garden (Four Seasons Hotel New York)


As brunches go, the excellent service and beautiful surroundings of the Four Seasons New York hotel, make this a worthy contender for your weekend mornings. The name alone stands as a beacon of all things luxurious in hospitality. For a treat, special occasion or just because brunch at the Four Seasons is an impressive invitation to say the least. Though the menu is safe, for lack of a better word, it is prepared well and you simply can’t go wrong.

For more information, visit To make reservations at The Garden, book online or call +1 (844) 760-6347.