Restaurant Review: Burger and Lobster NYC

9 Decor
9 Service
10 Food
10 Experience

Location: 39 West 19th Street, NY, New York

Cuisine: Burgers and Lobster (duh!)

Items: 3 entrees, 2 cocktails

Overall: An absolute delight. From the friendly staff to the amazing food, this place rocks! The décor and atmosphere is casual elegance. We suggest you get there now before the weather improves, we are positive this place will be impossible to get into once the mercury rises.

One of London’s favorite dining experiences has finally arrived across the pond. Burger and Lobster is a unique dining experience, to say the least. It has one of the most compact menus we have ever experienced. We ventured to the new eatery last week in search of something tasty. We entered the spacious dining room and found a nice booth near the open kitchen to have our meal. We watched in anticipation as dish after dish left the kitchen. In just a few short minutes we watched about a dozen or so orders leave the kitchen. Each tray held similar items so we were anxious to see what was on the menu.

When our server approached and left us with drink menus, we looked over them carefully and chose cocktails but found ourselves confused: Where was the food menu? When our friendly server returned to take our drink orders, we inquired and to our surprise, she simply smiled and said there is no food menu. Huh? How the heck were we going to order with no menu? McDonald’s has been around forever and they have a menu. What gives? As it turns out Burger and Lobster serve exactly that; Burgers and Lobster. The restaurant only serves three items: Burgers, Lobster Roll, and a Whole Lobster. Each item is $20 and comes with crispy fries and a small salad. You may add cheese and/or bacon to your burger. You may also have your whole lobster grilled or steamed with butter or lemon garlic butter, but that’s it! There is no turkey burger for your non-beef eating friends and no vegetarian options so don’t even ask. They serve only three items and don’t you forget it!

As foodies, we were excited by the concept. We usually spend far too much time trying to decide where to start, but this place made it as simple as pie. We typically want to order more than our stomachs can safely handle, but this time it was a breeze. This was the first time we were able to sit at a restaurant and order one of everything! The fact that we could pull such a bold move and still not end up in a food coma had us delighted.


Not long after placing our food order we were presented with our cocktails. Another noteworthy detail about this place is their cocktails are on tap. Ordinarily, the tap is for beers but the trend across the nation is putting actual mixed drinks on tap to keep the booze flowing and impatient patrons happy. I ordered the “Soho Punch” a refreshing mixture of bourbon, old forester, and cranberry juice. Despite the frosty landscape outside this drink reminded me of happier warmer months. My partner in crime had the St. John Run Manhattan, a surprisingly strong mix of black barrel rum, Amaro Montenegro and sweet vermouth. Both were delicious and a great intro into our meals.

By the time we were halfway done with our drinks we were presented with our first course. We started with the tasty lobster roll. A buttery slightly sweet roll that was filled to overflowing tender chunks of real lobster. There was just enough mayo to keep it creamy but not so much that it overpowers the flavor of the lobster meat. The portion was plentiful and did not disappoint. The salad and fries were also a added bonus, to this very day, we still dream of those fries.

Next up was the burger. Naturally, we got to works and this mammoth burger arrived with cheese and bacon. The heavily seeded bun was piled high with beefy cheesy bacony (Is that a word?) goodness. The beef was moist and juicy a really tasty treat for burger lovers.


We saved the best for last, the whole lobster. Lobster is usually the most expensive item on the menu but at Burger and Lobster, it is the same price as the roll and the burger. Just 20 bucks. Now you can’t possibly expect a 6lbs lobster for that price, you will get a respectable 1.5lbs lobster that is steamed or grilled to perfection. As a purveyor of lobster, the restaurant also offers bigger lobsters for a fair market price. In their huge lobster tank, there’s even a ten pounder! One of the best things about ordering the lobster is the signature lemon garlic butter. Lobster on its own is delicious but the citrus garlic combo adds a flavor profile that is hard to resist.

Burger and Lobster have only three items, all of which are done exceptionally well. You can’t be bold enough to present such a small menu and then screw it up with bad quality. The burger is beefy and the lobster is absolutely decadent. What more could a foodie ask for?