All-Star Chef Classic 2015: Cuisine For The Cure

Melissa’s, the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States, presented the All-Star Chef Classic Cuisine For The Cure benefiting City of Hope on Friday, March 13 at Restaurant Stadium. City of Hope, located in Duarte, CA, is “the leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases.”

The All-Star Chefs that were tasked with throwing down in the kitchen for this event were Suzanne Goin, Brooks Headley, Jenn Louis, and Aaron Sanchez. The theme for the night was superfoods, each chef had to incorporate these “nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals” into his or her dish. The chefs did some awesome things; the food was tasty, healthy, and light.


Keeping with the health and wellness feel of the afternoon, American Tea Room had a very informative segment that aired during the lunch. They shared a video that highlighted the many benefits of tea. I walked away with a few tea fun facts: 1. Green tea is less processed than black tea to preserve the fresh essence of the tea, 2. White teas are the least processed of all teas, and 3. All tea comes from the same plant. We were all treated to tea from the American Tea Room at the conclusion of the meal. It was a great way to end a very satisfying lunch.

Once again the All-Star Chef Classic didn’t disappoint. The food was amazing and I had the opportunity to try foods that I normally shy away from. My food pallet has definitely been expanded over the last couple of days. Things I thought I didn’t like I actually thoroughly enjoy, but then again how do you not enjoy something when the best chefs in the world are preparing it for you!

Another successful event is in the books for the All-Star Chef Classic!

Check out the Cuisine For The Cure Menu below:

cuisine for the cure

First Course

Vichyssoise with Mushrooms and Farro

Served with 2012 Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, Oregon, The Four Graces

Prepared by Jenn Louis

Second Course

Slow-Roasted Wild Salmon with Avocado, Schaner Farm Citrus and Green Olive Tapenade

Served with 2012 Chardonnay, Alexander Valley, CA, Roth Estate

Prepared by Suzanne Goin

Third Course

Grilled Chicken Quinoa Salad with Chia Seed Vinaigrette

Served with 2012 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, Oregon, The Four Graces

Prepared by Aaron Sanchez

Fourth Course

Carrot Cake and Parsley Gelato

Served with Cuvee Leonie Rose, Canard-Duchene, Champagne, NV

Prepared by Brooks Headley

Photos: Adam Pantozzi/Bernstein Associates, Inc