Ernest Alexander Fall/Winter 2015 Collection [Photos]

The conception for the Fall/Winter ‘15 Collection began while I was on a brief retreat in a cabin in upstate New York . It was a rented place from an artisan who had lived there for most of his life, working as a local pottery maker and craftsman . Throughout the house were some of his works ; sculptured pieces and photographs inspired by the southwest and Aztec traditions filled with rich colors found in nature around  the  cabin-olives, moss greens, and browns, punches of vibrant reds and blues and touches of rustic orange and yellows. From these colors and concepts, we began to build our own perception of this man’s life, conjuring up ideas of his travels, the things he may have owned or collected, how he dressed, and soon.

This season tells a story about a romantic, wandering traveler interested in the world around him and intent on preserving what he saw by interpreting it in his own dress and art. We played on the colors found in the house, with in his work, and throughout the heavily wooded area that was hauntingly beautiful. Hues of burgundy, grey, and softer shades of brown are prominent throughout this seasonal collection. The introduction of an ombre pattern pays homage to the traditional palette of fall foliage, while the addition of earth tones ground the contrast between crisp whites and rich navys.

Ultimately, this Fall/Winter ‘1 5 Collection celebrates the exploration and discoveries of a curious voyager – reminding us that the journey itself is truly the reward .