District Tap House Has A New Menu

8 Decor
9 Service
9 Food
10 Experience
9 Cocktails

The District Tap House has been a garment center favorite since opening in January of this year. The space has recently undergone some great new changes including a menu of carefully selected craft cocktails and delicious new dishes.  We stopped by District Tap House where we had the privilege of tasting a few of their best drinks and tasty edibles, and to also meet the team behind the updated menu. Once we entered we were ushered to a private bar area in the rear by the bubbly hostess. The rear space was equipped with a private bar and two friendly bartenders serving up some of the best cocktails in the city.

One of the unique new additions to the Tap House menu is its cocktail’s on tap.  Just as beer lovers can enjoy a cool refreshing beverage straight from a tap cocktail lovers have the same option. The bar also offers flavored ice orbs in a variety of flavors, created to be paired with premium spirits.  While I enjoyed a refreshing Moscow Mule directly from the tap my constant companion had an old fashioned with an apple spice ice orb.


20140923_181953To go along with the amazing cocktails Tap House also offers an extensive menu of small plates and sandwiches. Chef Harrison Mosher and his team produced a great menu of tasty treats.  One of our favorites was the District Wings.  The wings are fried with a thin crust and glazed with agave nectar and lime.  The wings area mouth watering mix of salty and sweet with a delightful crunch and moist tender meat.


Tap House is also home to one of the most amazing burgers in the city. The burger is a beautiful 6oz patty of grass fed beef served with fontina cheese and bacon. Despite the thickness of the patty the meat was juicy and well seasoned.


Chicken tacos are also an easy favorite. The chicken is moist and zesty served on soft tortilla piled high with fresh veggies.


Meat lovers must order the barbecue ribs The ribs are pull apart tender melt in your mouth goodness. The sauce offers the right amount of savory and sweet, and the ribs are coated in it but not swimming in it so you can truly taste the well cooked meat.


District Tap House isn’t just about producing great food and drinks its about creating an atmosphere of fun and hospitality. The staff is friendly knowledgeable and ready to serve you. The space also boasts on of the most reasonably priced menus in the area. Feel free to drop by and have a drink or two. The District Tap House is located at 246 west 38th Street.