World Gin Day with Bombay Sapphire

Gin drinkers all over the world celebrated the sixth annual World Gin Day on June 14th. The celebration is a day of solidarity for lovers of this Juniper brew. New Yorkers gathered at the luxurious Henry at the Hudson Hotel for a quick lesson in the fine art of Gin as well as a tasting of several brands. Colin Appiah, the well-traveled representative from Bombay Sapphire taught guests of the event the proper way to taste.

Gin Tasting at Hudson Hotel in NYC

The first step to proper tasting is the nose. You must smell the gin and taste it with your nose first. Inhale the scent while waving the glass beneath your nose and it will heighten your sense of taste. You should also open your mouth while “nosing” to allow the scent to reach your palate. Once the scent has permeated your palate, take a sip, but don’t swallow, chew.


I have never chewed a liquid in my life but when a pro tells you how it’s done you listen. Chewing the gin allows the flavor to open up and cover your mouth. I have sipped gin and had it in cocktails before but chewing it offers a completely different flavor profile, you can actually taste some of the different notes on your tongue. Bombay tastes peppery, with notes of citrus and the very pungent juniper. As one of the most complex spirits on the market Bombay Sapphire boasts 10 aromatics or olfactory enhancing herbs and other ingredients.  In addition to the Sapphire we also sampled Bombay East which has 2 additional ingredients: Thai Lemon Grass and Vietnamese Black Peppercorns. Though this rendition of the classic Bombay has more botanical, its flavor is milder with a peppery finish.

Gin Tasting at Hudson Hotel in NYC

Gin Day is long over but gin lovers all over don’t need a special day to sip on their favorite spirit. Gin’s complexity and bold flavor are a year round favorite. Please enjoy this great variation on the classic Gin and Tonic that is a perfectly refreshing cocktail for made just right for warm summer nights:

Gentleman's Delight (2)

Gentlemen’s Delight:

1.5oz Bombay Sapphire East gin

3/4oz Martini Bianco

1/4oz lemon juice

2″ slice Cucumber

Shake and serve long

Always remember to drink responsibly!


Photos: Jennifer Mitchell