Tribeca Film Festival: HBO’s My Depression

Writer: Elizabeth Swardos

Director: Robert Marianetti, Elizabeth Swados, and David Wachtenheim

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Steve Buscemi and Fred Armisenmydepression-1024x576

The very brave¬†Elizabeth Swados shares her personal battle with depression via this informative often funny short. The animated piece is based on the picture book “My Depression: A Picture Book” the book as well as the film follows Swados from adolescents into adulthood. Though this is an animated film it does not shy away from the real and often devastating effects of depression. The short delves into the symptoms side effects and toll of depression. Though many suffer from this debilitating illness not much is known about it, the film illuminates much of the misconceptions surrounding depression with interesting imagery and surprising bursts of humor and song. One of the most interesting musical numbers is “Suicide Mobile” performed by Steve Buscemi. Though lighthearted it encapsulates the helplessness and hopelessness depression sufferers feel and the tragic results of suicidal thoughts. From start to finish this short packs a wallop offering timely information and an easy non threatening way stat a much needed conversation about depression.